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Month: February, 2018

Coffee Party Board Minutes February 7, 2018

by vincelamb

Minutes of the Coffee Party USA Board of Directors meeting on February 7, 2018

Present: Charlotte Vaughan Coyle, Vince Lamb, Jeanene Louden, Debilyn Molineaux, Egberto Willies.

Absent:  Heather Prabish, Kevin Watford, Bobby Rodrigo.

Charlotte called the meeting to order at 8:25 P.M. E.S.T.

Members checked in.

Vince reported that the January minutes were posted to WordPress blog.

There was no financial report.

After a discussion on the Citizen Oriented Taxes position paper, voting was postponed.  Board members will vote on the document, the vote will be recorded on the Facebook page and reported at the next meeting.

After a discussion, the board came to a consensus that there was no need for a formal vote on Partnerships letters.  Instead, Vince would consider the board input on the letters, including replacing the old letterhead with the transition banner from the Facebook page and signing the letters as a director.

Partnerships has recommended that Coffee Party join the Listen First Coalition.  Vince moved and Debilyn seconded a motion to join the Listen First Coalition.  The motion passed unanimously (Heather, Kevin and Bobby absent) .

Egberto and Debilyn reported on the Local Communities Strategies call on Tuesday.  The Coffee Party will embark on a pilot project of 20 local groups with the goal of 435 local groups, one for every Congressional District.  There will also be a national week of conversation April 20-28, including a reflection day on April 29th.  Egberto will sign up for the national week of conversation on behalf of the Coffee Party.

Coffee Party Entertainment Awards: Vince has found out that someone else had been using “Golden Coffee Cup Awards” but stopped.  Vince asked if we can take the name over and is waiting for a response.  Vince also reported on the conversation on the volunteer Facebook group about adding two awards for government officials, one for a portrayal by an actor or actress in a scripted movie, another by an appearance of a present or former government official in a documentary.  He will open up nominations for best political drama or comedy and best political documentary along with best portrayal of a government official, historical or fictional, and best appearance of a political official in a documentary.

Charlotte reported that she and others on the board are considering adding hours to our Administrative Assistant schedule. The Administrative Assistant has expressed concern that her health will impact how many hours she can work..  No decision about additional hours was made.

There will be a board work session on February 21st.  The meeting scheduled for February 14th (Valentine’s Day) has been cancelled.

Members checked out.

The meeting adjourned at 8:59 P.M. E.S.T.

The next business meeting is scheduled for March 14, 2018 at 8:00 P.M. E.D.T.

Respectfully submitted,
Vince Lamb, Interim Secretary


Coffee Party Board Minutes January 10, 2018

by vincelamb

Minutes of the Coffee Party USA Board of Directors meeting on January 10, 2018

Present: Charlotte Vaughan Coyle, Heather Prabish, Kevin Watford, Vince Lamb, Jeanene Louden, Debilyn Molineaux, Bobby Rodrigo, Egberto Willies.

Absent: No one!

Charlotte called to order at 8:04 P.M. E.S.T.

Members checked in.

Kevin presented the financial updated to the end of December, making it a mid-fiscal year update.  Overall, the organization is doing a good job of keeping expenses under control.  The organization has money in the bank and in PayPal and paid off its credit cards, but income is a still a long-term concern.  The organizations needs to grow its member base and member income.  Kevin and Jeanene are reviewing the organization’s tax return, which should be mailed to the IRS on Friday, January the 12th.

Heather asked about membership.  Debilyn suggested a meeting or work session devoted to membership and long-term membership trends.

Charlotte wondered if the pruning of the email lists could result in a lower rate for NationBuilder, as those are based on the number of emails in the database.  The lower rate would take effect in late September.

Charlotte reported that the December minutes have been approved and posted to the WordPress blog.  She thanked Vince for being timely.

Charlotte asked Heather about the progress on Voter Buddy.  In turn, Heather asked Bobby about his progress on working on the page.  Bobby reported that everything was ready to publish except for the blog, which needed a moderation procedure for people submitting stories.  He had the calendar turned off because it make the site vulnerable to a overloading, a kind of denial of service attack.  Heather was still looking for a way to communicate with her work group.  She also mentioned that the domain name was for sale from the person owning it, which could cost $2300.  The owner was contacted to see if he or she would donate it; Heather and Bobby are still waiting for a response.  Debilyn reserved the and domain names for $8.00 each.  These domains could be redirected to the Coffee Party USA page.  A discussion ensued about fundraising to buy the domain.  Charlotte asked if having the .com domain name was mission critical.  Bobby answered no.  Charlotte recommended that further discussion buying wait.  Heather asked where the page should be published.  Debilyn suggested that it be soft-launched under actions and hard-launched as the front page of the site.  There was also a discussion about the donation button and how much the donations should be so that Jeanene can track which donation come in through this page via PayPal.  Action: Debilin will set up meeting with Heather, Werner etc.  Heather requested that any promotion of the Voter Buddy page be non-partisan.

Charlotte introduced Debilyn, who reported on the Citizen Oriented Taxes Position Paper.  Debilyn asked if the Board felt ready to vote to approve it.  She then realized that the paper still needed revision.  Debilyn will update to reflect actual change in tax law and directors are asked to read the draft over the next week and give feedback.

Debilyn moves that Egberto moves from Newsroom to Local Communities. Jeanene seconds.  Motion passed unanimously with Egberto abstaining.

Charlotte presented a new posting schedule for the Newsroom, which includes two time slots dedicated to CP education, information and “voice.” She noted that Coffee Party needs the help of the Board to make this successful.  Debilyn reported that PR would have branding and meme templates ready in three or four weeks.  PR will host meme templates on; everyone on the Board and Newsroom will get access to the account.  A discussion about Hootsuite ensued.  There was also a discussion about a meme that was deleted from the Join the Coffee Party Movement page instead of hidden that was about the ability of news organizations to publish falsehoods.  Bobby pointed out that this came back to corporate personhood, a Coffee Party issue from the beginning of the movement.  Heather pointed out that this was confrontational.  Charlotte asked Jeanene to repost the meme.  Charlotte asked for volunteers to contact Snopes.  Bobby volunteered to do so to clarify their entry.

Charlotte asked if the active volunteer list was ready to go to Leah.  Several directors have added their volunteers.  Heather asked about the standards for in-kind memberships.

Charlotte instructed the board to keep recruiting/mentoring Work Group Chairs and Asst. Work Group Chairs. It is the board’s responsibility to orient, encourage, and hold Work Group Chairs accountable.

Charlotte reviewed upcoming Events.  Jeanene reminded her about the Women’s Marches Jan 19, 20, and 21.  Jeanene is going to one in Salem on the 20th and another in Eugene on the 21st.  Bobby will be speaking to the Women’s March in Miami.  This event is listed on the Coffee Party page.  Charlotte also mentioned the Coffee Party Birthday January 26 and the Irish Coffee Day the day before on January 25.  She is working on memes and posts for those two.

Members checked out.

The meeting adjourned at 9:17 P.M. E.D.T.

The next meeting will be on February 14, 2018 at 8:00 P.M. E.S.T.

Respectfully submitted,

Vince Lamb, Interim Secretary

ADDENDUM: Meeting was rescheduled for February 7, 2018.