Coffee Party Board Minutes November 8, 2017

by vincelamb

Minutes of the Coffee Party USA Board of Directors meeting on November 8, 2017

Present: Charlotte Vaughan Coyle, Heather Prabish, Vince Lamb, Jeanene Louden, Debilyn Molineaux, Bobby Rodrigo

Absent:  Kevin Watford, Egberto Willies.

Charlotte called the meeting to order at 8:07 P.M. E.S.T.

Members checked in.

Charlotte reported that the October minutes have been approved and posted to the WordPress blog.

Charlotte also reminded the members that they had approved both the new Job Descriptions for the Directors, Work Groups, and Work Group Chairs (seven yes with Bobby abstaining) and the revisions to the By-Laws (six yes with Bobby and Egberto abstaining).

Jeanene (substituting for Kevin) gave a report on the organization’s finances.  Everything is up to date through October.  The document is view only; the directors requested that they be allowed comment-only access.  Jeanene granted it.  She discovered that there are two Hootsuite vendors; she and Bobby will help resolve that.

Debilyn reported that Public Relations discovered that the Coffee Party has a neutral email reputation score.  She and the Administrative Assistant are working on improving our email reputation, which will likely involve a purge of email addresses of accounts that have not interacted with us over the past 12-18 months.  This will remove bounced emails and improve our reputation.  Directors discussed how email reputation works.  Bobby will assist on this.  Debilyn also reported that we have a low open rate and discussed why that’s the case and how to improve the open rate.  This will include a better method of people opting in and opting out of the mailing list.  There is also an issue in that our email host and our domain name server are not the same.  The entire project will likely take another month.  Charlotte asked if a test email could be sent after the project is done to determine how well that works.  A discussion ensued.  Charlotte thanked Debilyn, Bobby, and the Administrative Assistant for their ongoing work.

Heather reported that there was no activity in Campaigns and Actions during October.  She expects she will be able to work on Voter Buddy between now and the December business meeting.  Jeanene shared that whenever she posted in the Newsroom and her own Facebook page about voting, she used the #VoterBuddy tag.  Several of her friends have started using the tag.  Charlotte asked if Campaigns and Actions are utilizing the volunteers that are being sent its way.  Heather responded that volunteers are being integrated.

Jeanene reported that she is working on a template for a monthly report on member engagement.  The template should be ready by the next monthly business meeting.  She noted that this is the year when membership goes down, but individual contributions go up.  She’s also working on how to track merchandise.  She’s also looking into putting a stamp and postcard budget in order to send thank you notes to members on the anniversary of their joining.

Vince reported that the Partners Work Group recommended The Chisel for Partnership.  Vince moved that The Chisel be approved for Partnership. Jeanene seconded.  The motion passed unanimously 6-0-2 with Kevin and Egberto absent.  Debilyn suggested that she introduce Vince to Deborah Devedjian of The Chisel.  Vince is already receiving email from Deborah.  Vince also reported that the Work Group is working on form emails to send to approved and potential partners.

Debilyn reported on the reception of the propaganda education memes in the Newsroom.  It’s been uneven, although they are getting responses.

Debilyn also reported on the status of the Tax Reform position paper.  It is almost finished, but needs a more concrete set of suggestions for corporate taxation.  It should be finalized at the next Work Group meeting next Tuesday.

Charlotte reminded the Directors that our Administrative Assistant doesn’t have enough time to do much with volunteers right now. WG Chairs and Director Liaisons need to be sure we are helping new volunteers get started.  Bobby shared his experience with a former Coffee Party member  who recognized Bobby as a Coffee Party Director on a Facebook video.  A discussion ensued about how his relief work for Puerto Rico is going.  The discussion moved to how well the organizations he’s helping fit into the Coffee Party Mission and End State Goals.

Members checked out.

The meeting adjourned at 9:07 P.M. E.S.T.

The next meeting will be on December 13, 2017 at 8:00 P.M. E.S.T.

Respectfully submitted,

Vince Lamb, Interim Secretary