Coffee Party Board Minutes January 11, 2017

by cvcoyle

Minutes for Coffee Party USA Board of Directors meeting January 11, 2017

Meeting was called to order at 8:02 pm ET when a quorum was established.

Present: Debilyn Molineaux, Jeanene Louden, Charlotte Coyle, Kevin Watford, Egberto Willies, Bobby Rodrigo, Vince Lamb. Absent: Tim Danahey

Directors checked in

The Directors regretfully accepted the resignation of Mark Gilbert who left the Coffee Party Board on January 8 for personal reasons.

December minutes have been posted and await approval.

The monthly financial report was presented by Kevin Watford. Kevin noted we all need to watch our actual expenditures in relationship to the budget. J’nene affirmed that we are behind projections on income.

Kevin moved and J’nene seconded: As of January 1, 2017 Coffee Party will pay our administrative support contractor $12.50/hour for her contracted 10 hrs/week. The motion passed with a unanimous vote: 7 ayes with Tim absent/abstaining.

Directors discussed how to redistribute Mark Gilbert’s responsibilities as Campaigns leader, radio host and Facebook editor given his recent resignation. Debilyn encouraged Board members to participate and assist with Campaigns Work Group while we are growing new leadership there.

Bobby followed up on last month’s Mission Flint activity. There will be a march Saturday, January 14 in honor of MLK birthday and a water drop on Sunday as well as training sessions and interviews by local mainstream media. Board approval for this project in Flint continues.

Vince moved that CP approve participation in The Chisel survey; Bobby seconded. The motion passed with 4 ayes with Egberto, Kevin, J’nene, Tim absent/abstaining.

The meeting adjourned at 8:38 pm ET and discussion continued in a work session.

Respectfully submitted,

Charlotte Coyle

Secretary, Coffee Party USA Board of Directors