April 20, 2016

by vincelamb


P – Debilyn Molineaux,

P – Jeanene Louden

P – Vince Lamb

P – Tim Danahey

P – Mark Gilbert

A – Bobby Rodrigo

P – Egberto Willies

Members checked in.


Vince shared the link to March’s minutes and asked the board members to read them and either approve or amend them.  March’s minutes were approved by the end of the meeting 5-0-2 (Bobby absent and Egberto abstaining).  He also posted the approved minutes for January and February to the WordPress blog.

Treasurer’s Report

Jeanene presented the financial report for March.  We are on track to make 100% of our budget with membership dues.  A line item for moderation teams is not currently in the budget.


Debilyn reported that candidates have applied for two positions, Newsroom and Treasurer.  In addition, Board Development is vetting a replacement for Vince to be appointed as Interim Secretary.


Debilyn pointed out that pages are needed for the Label Pins and Stamp Stampede.  Vince, Debilyn, and Jeanene will meet offline on Noon ET/9 AM PDT for a brainstorming session about the Stamp Stampede page.

POGO (Project on Government Oversight)

Tim Danahay discussed his interactions with the Project on Government Oversight (POGO).  This is an organization that Partnerships Work Group is currently vetting.  He advocated for this potential partnership and suggested the kinds of actions the Coffee Party could take in cooperation with POGO.  A discussion ensued about these actions and how they could be followed for other groups we cooperate with through Campaigns and Actions and Newsroom.  The discussion also centered on tying this year’s action to the Presidential Election.  Debilyn recommended that Tim continue talking with POGO and Vince continue to vet the group through Partnerships.  The Board would then vote on the approval via the Facebook group before the next business meeting in May.

Engaging volunteers

Debilyn and Egberto discussed Leah’s request to engage and nurture volunteers.  This resulted in a general discussion of what Board members and Work Group chairs do right and sometimes don’t do to support volunteers.

Summer Meeting Times

Starting the second week of May, the board will change its meeting day to Tuesday.  This was approved by unanimous vote of the members present.  Meetings will still begin at 8 PM EDT/5 PM PDT.

Members checked out.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:57 PM EDT.

The next monthly business meeting for the Board will be May 10, 2016, 8 PM EST.

Respectfully submitted,

Vince Lamb

Interim Secretary, Coffee Party Board of Directors