September 9, 2015

by vincelamb


P – Debilyn Molineaux

A – Jeanene Louden

P – Vince Lamb

P – Tim Danahey

P – Mark Gilbert

P – Bobby Rodrigo

P – Egberto Willies

Members checked in.


Debilyn posted the minutes for August 11, 2015 and August 22, 2015 on Vince’s behalf.  Both sets of minutes were approved during the meeting.  She asked who would post the approved minutes on the Coffee Party WordPress blog.  Debilyn will post July’s minutes and Vince will post August’s after Debilyn sends him the access code.

Issue Groups

Debilyn shared a link to a first draft of the process that would formalize issue groups.  The sense of the board was no vote was needed to approve the process at this time.  Debilyn then asked for volunteers to pilot the process.  Tim volunteered to pilot privatization as an issue.  Debilyn will contact Victoria about forming an Education issue group.  Debilyn and Mark will meet offline to discuss possible End State Goals for issues.

Board Development

Debilyn again shared the link to the vetting process for the 2016 Board of Directors election.  A majority of directors (four) has approved the document as of the start of the meeting.  She wanted the rest of the directors to review and approve, disapprove, or officially abstain as the Coffee Party will be proceeding with a member drive, volunteer drive, and recruitment beginning this month.

Review Annual Goals

Debilyn shared the goals for the 2015-2016 Fiscal Year set at the Annual Board Meeting.  She asked for volunteers to reformat them as a three column table–point person, goal, and status.


Egberto is still working on this month’s newsletter.  He asked for contributions from the board members.  So far, he has articles from Leah, Debilyn, Bobby, Mark, and Tim.  He set a deadline of Saturday, so that he could edit it Sunday and send it out Monday.  Debilyn also requested suggestions for a new format.

Executive Session

The board entered executive session at 8:35 PM EDT.  During the session, the following motion was passed: Move that we execute an annual contract with Nationbuilder at $762 per month as prescribed in the CP budget.  The contract will auto-renew unless 30-day written notice is provided to Nationbuilder. Bobby made the motion and Egberto seconded.  The motion passed unanimously (Jeanene absent).  The board left executive session at 8:49 PM EDT.


Tim shared a story about seeing a Coffee Party bumper sticker in Port Township, Pennsylvania.  He talked to the owner of the car.  She is on the local board of the Lehigh Valley chapter.  They plan on connecting later.

Members checked out.


Respectfully submitted,

Vince Lamb
Interim Secretary, Coffee Party Board of Directors