July 14, 2015

by debilynm

Coffee Party USA
Board Minutes
July 14, 2015

P-Debilyn Molineaux
P-Vince Lamb
A-Jeanene Louden
P-Egberto Willies
P-Billy Sears, left early
P-Tim Danahey
P-Bobby Rodrigo
A-Mark Gilbert

Meeting was called to order at 8:02 PM Eastern / 5:02 PM. Pacific. Directors checked in and President Debilyn Molineaux took meeting notes.

Minutes from the previous board meeting, June 9, 2015, were approved.

Financial Reports were postponed due to the absence of Treasurer, Jeanene Louden.

Board Appointment Motion to appoint former Coffee Party Secretary Vince Lamb to the position of Director of Partnerships made by Bobby Rodrigo and seconded by Egberto Willies.  Motion passed unanimously.  Jeanene Louden was absent.


Internet Infrastructure

Director Bobby Rodrigo reported that Nationbuilder is making changes that will be beneficial for Coffee Party USA to have a store. Bobby also recommended that we sign a 12 or 24 month contract at our current rate to receive Enterprise functions at no charge. There would be discounts available for paying in advance. There was general agreement that advance payment was not advisable.

Bobby Rodrigo also brought forth a nonprofit form from HootSuite that would give Coffee Party USA a 50% discount. Debilyn Molineaux volunteered to complete and submit the form.

Bobby Rodrigo also noted that an Amazon affiliate account would provide supplemental income to Coffee Party USA.  Debilyn informed everyone that we had an affiliate account already.


Director Tim Danahey proposed that Coffee Party USA join the Stamp Stampede and sell stamps protesting corruption in campaign financing. Director Vince Lamb agreed to follow up with Stamp Stampede.  No board action was taken, pending further information.

Director Vince Lamb reported that Neighborhood Legislature, a group in California, approached Coffee Party USA for assistance in promoting a signature drive to put an initiative on the California ballot that would reduce the size of state legislative districts. Vince Lamb to follow up and perhaps direct Neighborhood Legislature to one or two groups that are located in California.

Treasurer Jeanene Louden delivered via report a video contest proposal from Public Citizen and suggested Coffee Party USA promote. No action was taken.

Strategy and Implementation

Committee will send a survey to all members in preparation for the annual board planning meeting. Committee requested that t-shirts from current Coffee Party inventory be given to survey takers and budget of up to $400 for shipping t-shirts to be approved.  Motion made by Debilyn Molineaux and seconded by Tim Danahey, passed unanimously.  Jeanene Louden and Billy Sears absent.


Debilyn noted that it had been six weeks since the last newsletter went out and asked what support was needed.  Recommendations included shifting from twice monthly to monthly, adding a deadline calendar and finding a volunteer to remind us about deadlines. New deadline for next newsletter was set for July 17th. No other actions was taken.

Coffee Party Store

The store contains one item — the NO TPP shirt and two have sold.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:04 p.m. ET.

Submitted by Debilyn Molineaux, President
on behalf of Vince Lamb, Secretary