October 29, 2014

by JKL

  • P – Debilyn Molineaux, President, Volunteers & Members
  • P – Jeanene Louden, Treasurer and Managing Director
  • P – Vince Lamb, Secretary
  • A – Tim Danahey, Public and Member Relations
  • A – Tonya Jefferson, Channel Partnerships
  • A – Billy Sears, Local Chapters
  • P – Egberto Willies, Newsroom
  • P – Cameron Michaels (Kruger), (Guest)


The meeting was called to order at 9:05 PM EDT.

Debilyn presided and Jeanene ran the Maestro Board.

Members checked in.


The board accepted Cameron’s resignation, thanked him for his service, and wished him farewell. Cameron thanked the Board for their support and left the call.

Advisory Board

Debilyn asked the board three questions about an Advisory Board: Do we need one? What would we want them to do? Who would we like to invite?  This led to a lively discussion in response.  The sense of the Board what that the Coffee Party could use advisors as a source of ideas and advice.  Directors also suggested possibilities for Advisory Board members.


The minutes for both October 15 and October 22 have been posted and are awaiting review and approval.  The minutes for October 1 have been approved.


Debilyn tabled this topic until the next meeting.



Egberto reported on the continuing success of the Newsroom which achieved a reach of more than 10 million since the previous meeting and now has 489,000+ likes.  Egberto also reported on the progress of getting the first new issue of the newsletter out.  The next Newsroom call is Wednesday 8 p.m. ET.

Community Outreach & Engagement

Debilyn gave a recap of Coffee Party Movie Night, including the Blog Talk Radio interview of the film’s director.

Campaigns and Actions / Community Outreach

Jeanene reported that she and Billy were working on coordinating outreach and campaigns and actions.

Internet Infrastructure

Debilyn told the Board to look at the FB group for a posting on the new web design.  She reported that Jordan is asking the right questions, jumping to Phase 2.  The next Internet Infrastructure Work Group call is Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. ET.


Jeanene reported that progress on the internal audit is continuing and she is optimistic that the Form 990 will be complete and filed on time.  The call for the Work Group is Monday at 10am Pacific.

Strategy and Implementation

Debilyn requested 1-1 calls for each work group to create a project plan so the board can then integrate the bigger picture.


No report.

Board Development

Vince has scheduled a Bylaws review call with Debilyn next Friday the 7th at 2:30 PM EST.


No report.


Debilyn reported that volunteers are continuing to find us.  She noted that developing our project plans will provide a way for us to put them to work.

Board Meeting and Communication

Debilyn is scheduling a new weekly meeting time, either weekday evenings or weekend days, and asked us to indicate availability on a normal basis.  She also asked how the Facebook group is working for members between meetings.

Executive Session

The board entered executive session.  The board left executive session with no action taken.


Members checked out.

The meeting adjourned at 10:12 PM EDT.

The next meeting is scheduled for 9 PM EDT/6 PM PDT on November 5, 2014


Respectfully submitted:

Vince Lamb, Secretary of the Board of Directors

Approved 11/12/14