August 19, 2014

by JKL


P – Debilyn Molineaux, President, Volunteers & Members

P – Jeanene Louden, Treasurer

P – Vince Lamb –  Secretary

P – Tonya N. Jefferson, Channel Partnerships

A – Cameron Michaels (Kruger), IIWG Director (Jordan Hall present to report)

P – Egberto Willies, Newsroom

A – Billy Sears, Local Chapters (Community Builder)

Special guest:  Jordan Hahn

Meeting was called to order at 7:04 PM EDT. Debilyn presided and Jeanene ran the Maestro board. Members checked in.

Website redesign

Jordan Hall was present in Cameron’s place to give the report on website redesign.  He reported that the designer was willing to donate her work in exchange for credit on the site and Facebook page.  He reported that she had produced an updated logo on her own volition as an example of her work.  Cameron had shared the proposed logo with the board in email before the meeting.  Debilyn reminded the board that any new logo would have to be trademarked.  Jordan asked that any feedback on the logo or other aspects of the redesign be sent to him or Cameron. He gave a schedule for when the template and colors would be updated and available for review.

Jordan left the call.


Vince reported that the minutes for July 29 still required one more approval when the meeting began.  The minutes for August 5 and August 12 have been shared and are awaiting review and approval.  The minutes for July 22 still need to be typed up.  Debilyn requested that members look at all the minutes and approve them by the next meeting.

Retreat Update

Debilyn asked if everyone is committed to promoting the Indigogo page funding the Board retreat (  The retreat is scheduled for all day Friday, all day Saturday, and half the day Sunday.  Tonya’s schedule has changed and she cannot make Friday of the retreat and requested a delay until December.  The response was that the retreat will go ahead as scheduled and that she should come on Saturday and Sunday, while checking in on Friday by Skype.

Work Group Structure Review / Next Steps

Debilyn requested that members read, suggest edits, and comment by next week’s meeting.

Newsroom update

Egberto reported that the reach is down on the Facebook page and the group needs more people posting.  The page needs more stories of the kind that Coffee Party USA is known for sharing.  Despite this, the page likes are still increasing, having passed 480,000 during August.

Volunteers update

Debilyn reminded the board that volunteer calls have been cancelled until further notice.  Links need to be updated to send interested people to the Blog Talk Radio show.  Also requests to volunteer should be forwarded to her.

Channel Partnerships

Tonya communicated via email with Ted Glick of Chesapeake Bay Climate Network.  She hopes to schedule a Blog Talk Radio interview with him.  She has also received emails from Debilyn regarding Represent Us and No Labels. Tonya must follow up and see what type of reciprocity agreement we can have if we support these two movements.

Building the Pipeline for Volunteers and Directors

Debilyn reported that a possible new board member only needs one more endorsement letter to begin vetting. She also asked for more board members to cover vacant positions. Billy may have found a volunteer to cover Public and Member Relations. Jeanene volunteered to run Campaigns and Actions

Executive Session

Board entered executive session.  During the session, Jeanene moved and Tonya seconded that $250 be allocated for the month of August to hire an assistant for Debilyn, that Jeanene prepare a budget including this appropriation, and that the appropriation be reviewed at the end of August to see if it should be continued beyond August.  The motion passed unanimously (Cameron and Billy absent). The board exited executive session.


Members checked out. The meeting adjourned at 8:04 PM EDT. The next meeting will be Tuesday, August 26, 2014 at 7:00 PM EDT.

Respectfully submitted,

Vince Lamb

Coffee Party USA Board Secretary