July 1, 2014

by JKL


P – Debilyn Molineaux, Acting President, Volunteers & Members
P – Jeanene Louden, Treasurer and Managing Director
P – Vince Lamb –  Secretary
P – Dan Aronson, Channel Partnerships
P – Cameron Michaels (Kruger), IIWG Director, Acting Development
P – Egberto Willies, Campaigns and Actions

Meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM EDT.
Debilyn was presiding and Jeanene ran the Maestro board.
Members checked in.


Debilyn led a discussion about the vision for Coffee Party USA going forward.  She directed the Board to a draft document about the Coffee Party’s future. We discussed ways to work together on line between meetings and decided to use a closed Facebook group.


The edit of the By-Laws document to reflect the amendments made in October 2013 needs to be formally approved.  MOTION:  the Board approve the revised By-Laws document.  Moved by Jeanene, seconded by Egberto and passed unanimously.


Minutes for last week’s meeting have four yes votes and are approved. Jeanene asked that all Directors indicate approval or disapproval, but that no one not review the minutes.

Financial Report

Date 7/1/2014
PayPal Balance 692.74
US Bank Balance 1,892.27
PayPal – USB 0.00
Total 2,585.01
A/P* 1,100.00
Debt** 9,100.00
Credit Card Bal 0.00
Reserve Acct Bal 0.00

*estimated average monthly expense without additions
** no debt payments scheduled for this month

Jeanene reported that all bills from last month have been paid except no debt payment has been or will be made.  The rock bottom budget is $1100 per month.  She recommended that all people who asked for a membership refund have physical checks written to them.  In addition, Paypal shows that there are still new memberships coming in.  Egberto asked that it be put into the record that he suggests people who quit the Coffee Party not be refunded, while those who are ejected get a refund.


Vince reported on the status of elections.  All candidates passed their background checks.  Vince is working on scheduling BlogTalkRadio interviews with candidates, beginning with Debilyn on Friday at 1 PM EDT.  Interviews with Jeanene and Tonya still need to be set up.  Also, Dan is experimenting with a secure platform for the elections.  Egberto will be composing an email blast to be sent out to the members in the next week.


Vacant Board positions with no candidates pending were reviewed and likely nominations were discussed.  MOTION:  to appoint and begin the vetting process for Billy Sears to fill the membership position board. Moved by Debilyn, seconded by Egberto and passed 5-0-1. (Dan abstained.)

Transition Team Recommendations

Debilyn asked to schedule a meeting during which Leah could present the infrastructure recommendation from the Transition Team that was never formally adopted by the Board in 2012.  The meeting was proposed for Thursday July 10th at 5 PM EDT.  All members voted to accept.


Debilyn reported on the status of website redesign.

The board entered executive session.

MOTION: to send letter to people who are banned offering a refund.  If they respond and request a refund, we will refund their membership dues, pro-rated.  Moved by Jeanene, seconded by Egberto, and passed unanimously.

MOTION: to allow voting between meetings in the new BoD Facebook page.  Moved by Dan, seconded by Egberto, and passed unanimously.

The board left executive session.

Members checked out.
The meeting adjourned at 8:16 PM EDT.

Vince Lamb
Coffee Party Secretary