June 10, 2014

by JKL

P – Debilyn Molineaux, Acting President, Volunteers & Members
P – Jeanene Louden, Treasurer and Managing Director
P – Vince Lamb, Secretary
P – Dan Aronson, Channel Partnerships
A – Cameron Michaels (Kruger), IIWG Director, Acting Development
P – Egberto Willies, Campaigns and Actions

Leah Spitzer joined the call to talk about elections.

Meeting called to order at 7:05 PM.

Debilyn presiding.

Members checked in with personal updates.

Vince and Leah gave a presentation on the elections.  Leah was forwarded emails of all the applications that arrived through NationBuilder.  Vince will forward to Leah all applications that were sent directly to him.  Leah, Egberto, and Vince will be on a separate call tomorrow morning to discuss the election process. Vince will work on a tactful rejection letter for those applicants who may be disqualified as members.

Debilyn and Jeanene must remain uninvolved with any election process/procedure because they are candidates.  Vince and Leah will coordinate responses to queries about the election process.

Vince and Leah need to find someone outside the vetting committee and Board to set up the internet infrastructure so that the confidentiality and integrity of the vote (secrecy and proper counting of the ballots) is maintained.  The previous election was run using the survey tool on Blue State Digital that turned out to connect the vote with the voter.  We need a system for voting that is fair and confidential.  The candidates will not be set until June 23rd and voting will not begin until July 10th.  One time vote per email–no forwarding allowed.  A research/implementation team consisting of Egberto, Dan, Vince, and Michael will look at voting systems and add their findings to a Google Doc.

The sense of the board was to continue informing the membership through press releases and not through podcasts on Blog Talk Radio because of potential appearance of electioneering.

Debilyn updated the board on the situation with last Sunday’s show on BlogTalkRadio: the content was deemed inappropriate due to election content prior to the announcement of vetted candidates.  The show was reloaded after deletion, but the person who reloaded it is unknown.  The offer was made for Bud to have his own BlogTalkRadio account that he has control of, so that he he is not using Coffee Party resources for premature campaigning.

Leah checked out at 7:51 PM EDT.

Minutes for June 2nd and 8th were approved.

Jeanene presented the work of the Membership Team so far, including a draft document outlining a  policy for revocation of membership. She has a list of about 400 people who were banned from either the Facebook page or the website during 2010-2011 (many by Annabel). Using similar criteria, a list of 2012 – Present produced a second list of 421 names (only a few are banned on both).  Board Members discussed the draft policy, a formalized version of the informal policy that has been in existence since 2010.

The motion was made on behalf of the The Membership Team to approve the formalized membership policy. Jeanene moved, Dan seconded, the motion passed with Debilyn abstaining and Cameron absent. (4-0-1-1).

The board entered executive session.

The board left executive session having made no motions.

Members checked out.

Meeting adjourned at 8:16 PM.