May 18, 2014

by JKL

  • P – Debilyn Molineux, Acting President
  • P – Jeanene Louden, Treasurer and Managing Director
  • P – Vince Lamb –  Secretary
  • P – Dan Aronson, Channel Partnerships
  • P – Cameron Michaels (Kruger), Development and Fundraising
  • A – Egberto Willies, Campaigns and Actions

Meeting called to order at 8:06 PM EDT

Members checked in with personal updates.

Debilyn presiding


  • Minutes
  • Elections
  • Executive Session
  • Schedule next meeting and adjourn

Minutes – Jeanene

The reference to “Annabel’s page” in the 10/23/14 draft minutes was clarified.  It was in reference to a “Join the We The People Movement” page Annabel had just started at the time.  The 10/23/14  minutes were approved.

Elections – Jeanene

It turns out we have eight positions open for election, not four: we had omitted the vacant and unfilled position (At Large Director 9), as well as the three new positions approved in the amendment to the Bylaws approved on 10/23/13.

We discussed whether the new positions should be open after one, two, or three years.   The reasoning and wisdom of expanding the board given that the organization has fewer members and no paid staff was discussed, but  the Bylaws have been changed and the board has to follow through with it.

The criteria for membership were discussed, given the amount of annual dues ($30) and people on installment payment plans who may not have paid all $30 before the election.

Terms for current  election positions was discussed: should we adopt the three-year cycle now or wait? Debilyn preferred that the question of term length be deferred to the incoming board.  Jeanene countered with counter proposal that the board recommend to the next board that they take up the question of three-year boards.  Cameron accepted Jeanene’s friendly amendment.

MOTION: Conduct the current election on the two-year schedule and recommend that the incoming board take up the question of extending terms to three years.  

Cameron made the motion, Jeanene seconded for discussion, the motion was amended (friendly amendment) and passed unanimously.

Executive Session

The board went into executive session to discuss legal options given current threats of legal action. The board left executive session after the board empowered Debilyn to hire an attorney.

Schedule next meeting and adjourn

The next meeting was scheduled for  7 PM EDT Tuesday.

Members checked out.

The meeting adjourned at 9:18 PM.

Respectfully submitted:
The Minutes Team