May 13, 2014

by debilynm

  • P – Debilyn Molineux, Acting President
  • P – Jeanene Louden, Treasurer and Managing Director
  • P – Vince Lamb –  Secretary
  • P – Dan Aronson, Channel Partnerships
  • P – Cameron Michaels (Kruger), Development and Fundraising
  • P – Egberto Willies, Campaigns and Actions

The meeting was called to order at 7:08 PM.

Members checked in with personal updates.

Debilyn reported that the minutes from 8/28, 9/15, & 9/25 have been drafted and a contractor is transcribing the 10/23 recording now.  Debilyn reinforced the importance of releasing the minutes in order and then asked Vince if he could polish the drafts of the minutes before approval and publication.  Dan volunteered to assist in transcribing the minutes.  Jeanene reminded the board members of the importance of a consistent approach and format for the minutes.  A discussion ensued about the history of the minutes and how consistency should be applied.  Debilyn asked the board if they wanted to implement a formal approval procedure or maintain an informal approval process such as had been done in the past.  Also, Eric’s posting of the unapproved minutes that he put together was brought up.

Jeanene moved that all minutes be approved by the Board before release and Egberto seconded the motion.  There was no discussion.  The motion was approved unanimously.  Minutes will be posted to BigMarker.  Vince will notify the board of the posting and the other members will review them before approval.

The board acknowledges the resignation of Justin Brown by email on May 10, 2014.  Justin cited time constraints and conflicts in his letter.

The board acknowledges the resignation of Eric Byler by Facebook post on May 10, 2014, while a motion for removal for cause was on the floor.

The board discussed whether to continue the removal of Eric for cause.  The sense of the board was not to continue (no formal motion or vote taken).

Jeanene gave the financial report.  She made the observation that the current crisis has inadvertently become a great fundraiser as people paid to vote in the upcoming board elections (307 people have paid the minimum of $30 for membership–most are people that let their memberships lapse–in the past 5 days).  Several people have canceled their continuing memberships.  The question was asked if they were still members.  Jeanene answered yes as did Debilyn.  Their rationale is that the annual membership is $30 and that the precedent has been that membership extends to 12 months after the last $30 was paid.  Jeanene also broke down the debt in terms of creditor and amount.

Financial Update – Jeanene

Date 5/13/2014
PayPal Balance 388.54
US Bank Balance 3,555.41
PayPal trans USB 0
Total 3943.95
Accounts Payable 1,287.50
Debt 10,300.00
Credit Card Bal 53.90
Reserve Acct Bal 0

The board discussed retaining new counsel for Coffee Party, considering the possibility of conflict of interest arising because of relationships with previous directors.

Elections:  Vince and Debilyn reviewed the spots that are open for election this time.  There are currently three open director positions.  Egberto is definitely not up for election this year.  There is some question about whether Vince and Debilyn are in positions that need to be up for election, as well as whoever might be appointed to replace Justin Brown.  Members were asked if they would run again.  All of them did.  Also, there needs to be a chair for the elections committee.  The board discussed candidates.  Debilyn and Vince will discuss who will contact which candidate after the meeting.

Election schedule: Call for nominations will go out on Thursday, May 15, 2014.  Candidates for board positions need to pay dues by June 1.  Applications from candidates are due June 7. Members must have signed up to pay dues by June 8.  Vetting will take place June 8th-22nd.

Cameron moved that a provision be added to the by-laws that board members who had resigned would be ineligible for re-election.  It died without a second.

Egberto reported on the people engaging in active dissent.  His conclusion was that it was mostly from a dozen people with relatively little reach.

Cameron led on Coffee Party Campaigns and suggested that Viridian Cares be tabled.  Jeanene moved to table Viridian Cares.  Cameron seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.

Debilyn moved that meetings be held every week but be limited to one hour.  The motion passed.

Dan led checkout.

The meeting adjourned at 9:03 PM EDT.