September  25, 2013

by JKL

The meeting was called to order at 5:10 PM EDT. A quorum was present.
Check-ins were conducted with short personal updates by board members.

  • P- Eric Byler, President
  • P- Jeanene Louden, Treasurer and Managing Director,
  • P- Cameron Michaels (Kruger), Development and Fundraising
  • P- Egberto Willies, Vice President
  • P- Del Williams, Pathways to Participation
  • P- Justin Brown,  Internet Infrastructure
  • A- Dan Aronson
  • A- John Cashon, Secretary

Jeanene presided although Eric was present.
Jeanene and Cameron ran the Maestro board.


  • Minutes
  • BACP Proposal
  • Financial Report
  • IIWG Report
  • Fundraising Report
  • Adjourn
  • Minutes are are behind because John is ill.
  • BACP Proposal – Del
    • Del opened the discussion on the Big Apple Coffee Party (BACP) proposal and Del’s letter, both received earlier.
    • The Board discussed next action.  Concerns included whether or not Don’t Do Koch  s a project that we would endorse and remain transpartisan.
    • Our letter to BACP is clarifying prior communication and opens it up for ongoing conversation.  We will do what we can, but manpower and finances are limited.
  • MOTION:  The letter as drafted is acceptable  Del and Jeanene will finalize including the things we have discussed at this meeting and this letter will be delivered electronically to Big Apple Coffee Party before Noon EDT tomorrow.
  • Jeanene moved, Egberto seconded
  • Motion PASSED unanimously.
  • Financial Report – Jeanene
    • There was a drop of over 100 monthly sustaining membership payments when we connected PayPal to NationBuilder from Blue State Digital.
    • We need 200 PayPal transactions per month to be stable: January – 255;  May – 236; 100 in June, July and August. That’s half of our requirement to be solvent.
    • As of today we have 79 for this month.
    • The board discussed additional way to encourage members to renew, the glitches in NationBuilder, as well as how to complete the transfer from Amazon Cloud.
    • The Board agreed that IIWG should make this a priority.
    • Jeanene and Egberto will work on letters to members to increase renewals.
  • Fundraising – Cameron
    • Social Help Online:
      • The Board discussed the possible contract and next steps with Social Help Online. Consultant will need access to the back end to get metrics and formulate a plan.  Jeanene will send copy of contract to Board members that would like to see it.
    • Cameron has another fundraising idea and will introduce it when he has more information and won’t cost us anything.  Will have presentation next week.
  • Internet Infrastructure Work Group (IIWG) – Justin
    • Justin presented the Votify Proposal.  App on FB will allow us to have access to their whole analytic platform.
      • The Board reviewed and discussed the Votify proposal. Justin will take the Board’s questions back to Votify and report back.
    • Justin reported on database cleanup in Nationbuilder. CP volunteers are working on the database cleanup. IIWG and NB will coordinate to clean up the database.
    • Justin asked if there were still any questions on how to do email blasts through Nationbuilder.
    • The Board discussed the CP email address on Amazon Cloud and whether or not to move to Nationbuilder or find another platform.  Jeanene asked that we find a way to cut down the number of CP email addresses to 15.
    • Jeanene reminded everyone about backing up blogs from Blue State Digital so the transfer to Nationbuilder can be completed.

Adjourn – Meeting adjourned with checkouts at 6:18 PM EDT.

Vince Lamb
Secretary to the Board of Directors