September 15, 2013

by JKL

The meeting was called to order at 2PM Eastern. The original meeting was scheduled for September 11th, but was rescheduled for obvious reasons. A quorum was present. Check ins were conducted with short personal updates by board members.

  • P- Eric Byler, President
  • P- Jeanene Louden, Treasurer and Managing Director,
  • A- John Cashon, Secretary
  • P- Dan Aronson, Channel Partnerships
  • P- Cameron Michaels (Kruger), Development and Fundraising
  • P- Egberto Willies, Vice President
  • P- Del Williams, Pathways to Participation
  • A- Justin Brown

Jeanene was presiding although Eric was present.
Jeanene and Cameron ran the Maestro board.


  • Minutes
  • Financial Report
  • Review Social Help Online Proposal  (Cameron)
  • Review Channel Partners (Dan)
  • Big Apple Coffee Party
  • Adjourn
  • Minutes are behind due to John’s illness.
  • Financial Report: Jeanene
    • Jeanene reported that contributions have picked up.
    • The board discussed the breakout of expenses and how to cut expenses.
    • Jeanene will do a full breakout by variable and fixed expenses so the board can review it. .
    • The board discussed the transition from Amazon Cloud to Nationbuilder.
    • Jeanene will set up a conference call to work out the details.
  • Fundraising Presentation – Cameron
    • Social Help Online (Cameron)
      • Cameron presented his proposal on Social Help Online.
      • Cameron will cover 50% of cost until it’s showing its value.
      • Also wants to delve into explore app and  donation setups and designing products from zazzle and cafepress.  Social Help Online will push app.
      • The board discussed Cameron’s Social Help Online proposal including projected revenues, contract length, and exit clauses.
    • Votify -Cameron reviewed the Votify proposal presented to the board earlier. It can build a bridge to 535 to help engage people locally.
      • The board discussed the Votify proposal and concerns about maintaining our brand.
      • Cameron would like to have another conference call to hear proposal from Votify at another time
  • Motion: to accept the  Social Help Online proposal with the stipulation that Cameron Michaels will pick up 50% of the tab on the cost of the service until such time that it is self sustaining and that the Board agrees to be engaged with the organization in order to develop the right process and also learn the processes of good social media practices (Del will offer $50/month).
  • Cameron made the motion, Del seconded.
      • Discussion to clarify length of contract and exit clauses followed, resulting in a modified motion.
  • Amended Motion: Approve this proposal with the tentative amendment that an exit clause be added into the proposal with a 12 month contract and all Board members and all people who have access and utilize social media on behalf of the Coffee Party work with Social Help Online about once a week to determine the right path to move forward.
  • VOTE: Passed unanimously.
      • Cameron later interrupted to clarify he just heard back from Chris (Social Help) and he confirms that a 30 day written notice is fine. So they will inserted it  in proposal and send it to Jeanene.
  • 435 Campaign – Dan
    • Dan presented the 435 campaign.
    • Represent.US invited us to participate as a cosponsor.
    • similar to our 535 project but it’s very pointed to get each congressperson to sign on to anti corruption act. They want Coffee Party involved because we are nonpartisan.
    • The board discussed the details of the campaign and comparison to the 535 campaign. the board discussed details of campaign, what is involved with collaboration and cosponsoring and how it is similar and different from the 535 campaign.
    • Concerns about the volunteers working on 535 campaign were addressed.
    • The board discussed creating generic joint venture agreements.  As time goes on and we collaborate with different groups, we should have a standard joint venture agreement.
    • The topic was tabled until Dan gets more details on the 435 campaign.
  • Big Apple CP Letter
    • The board discussed the letter that was sent out to the Big Apple Coffee Party and how to address the misunderstanding it contained and concerns it generated. The board, especially Del, accepted responsibility for not following through with Dan when he asked for comments on the letter.
    • Jeanene recommended we also review how the board communicates between meetings.  Since time was up, the board decided to continue the discussion online at Big Marker.

Adjourn – Members checked out and the meeting adjourned at 3:12 PM EDT.

Vince Lamb
Secretary to the Board of Directors