November 6, 2013

by JKL

Meeting called to order at 8:11 PM EST. There was a quorum present.
Check-ins were conducted with short personal updates by board members.

  • P- Eric Byler, President
  • P- Jeanene Louden, Treasurer and Managing Director,
  • P- Cameron Michaels (Kruger), Development and Fundraising
  • A- Egberto Willies, Vice President
  • P- DeLann Williams, Pathways to Participation
  • A- Justin Brown,  Internet Infrastructure
  • P- Dan Aronson, Channel Partnerships
  • A- John Cashon, Secretary

Jeanene presided over the meeting.
Jeanene ran the Maestro board.


  • Minutes
  • Financial Report – Jeanene
  • Channels – Dan
  • Fundraising – Cameron
  • Random
  • Adjourn

Minutes are behind because John is ill.

Financial Report – Jeanene

  • The total in bank is just about half our accounts payable.
  • We need more money before the end of the month.
  • The board discussed the details of accounts payable and how to cut expenses and manage membership payments through Nation Builder.

Channels – Dan

  • Dan presented the proposal for the 435 Campaign with Josh Silver (Represent.Us).
    • Similar to 535 but they will target the House pushing for endorsements of the Anti Corruption Act.
    • Wants CP because we are transpartisan.
    • Doesn’t want it to be “left wing.”
  • Motion – that we move forward, create a landing page and start pushing volunteers into the project and become a co-sponsor. Moved by Dan, seconded by Jeanene.
      • The board discussed the motion and 435.  Concerns expressed were making sure NationBuilder was ready for collaborative actions, details on how we tie in fundraising, track volunteers, landing pages, etc. Clarified that no personal data would be transferred to 435.
  • Motion amended that we enter into a collaborative agreement with Represent Us in sponsoring their 435 project.
  • Vote: passed unanimously.

Fundraising – Cameron

  • Cameron updated the Board on the details on Viridian Cares.
    • Cameron caught us up on what has been going on in the Viridian Cares meetings.
    • He introduced his draft document on how to present Viridian Cares to the CP included, emails, structure, strategy and business plan, what Viridian Cares will do to support us.
  • The Board discussed the proposal, including details on how to use NB to do this and how to make sure we are prepared before we launch. Talk to chapter heads, group heads, etc as a pre-launch to see if they approve. Bring on organizations that can support us under the CP umbrella.
  • Cameron agreed to seek BACP feedback on the project. Discussion continued about perception of Network Marketing, the plan forward and how to do a test with chapter heads and specifically BACP.
  • Jeanene discussed the process she used for vetting Viridian Cares. Example: Universities and professional associations that are also doing Viridian Cares did their due diligence.
  • Eric will work with Cameron on the messaging and emails.


  • The board discussed how to use email and spam filters in NationBuilder.
  • Eric announced that the Progressive Politics Tennessee Style will start on Sunday.
  • The board discussed creating a list of substitute hosts for Blog Talk Radio
  • Eric had some questions about the details of the 435 campaign.  The board discussed the process and details of the campaign.

Adjourn – The board meeting concluded with checkouts at 1:33 PM EST.

Vince Lamb
Secretary to the Board of Directors

Approved May 16, 2014