March 18, 2014

by JKL

Meeting called to order at 7:07 PM EDT

  • P- Eric Byler, President
  • P- Egberto Willies, Vice President
  • P- Jeanene Louden, Treasurer and Managing Director
  • A- Dan Aronson, Channel Partnerships
  • P- Cameron Michaels (Kruger), Development and Fundraising
  • A- Justin Brown, Internet Infrastructure

Eric  presided over the meeting

Check-Ins were conducted with short personal updates by board members.


  • Minutes
  • Financial Report – Jeanene
  • Board Vacancies
  • Development – Cameron
  • Campaigns and Actions
  • Website Overhaul
  • Newsroom
  • Volunteer recruitment

Minutes – Eric

Eric will have them ready by next meeting

Discussion about a Newsroom post that was deleted.

  • by one of newest volunteers
  • very incendiary

Financial Report – Jeanene

  • Better shape than before $2500 flush
Date 3/18/2014
PayPal Balance $439.04
US Bank Balance $3100.45
PayPal – USB 0.00
Total 3,539.49
A/P est. 710.00
Debt 10,800.00
Credit Card Bal Due EOM 53.90
Reserve Acct Bal 0.00
  • Still daily upheaval over automatic renewal
    • 4 fraud reports to PayPal
    • 12 people wanting money back
    • 81 PayPal transactions so better than 10% are upset
    • sending out personal emails to everyone
    • also will be sending out reminders for future auto renewals
    • should we send an email blast to all members to let them know we are on top of it.
    • Board discussed email blast, including if it will reach all members, whether it’s fraud, as long as we resolve, PayPal is happy, concerned about Jeanene’s work load, the fact that members did sign up for auto renewal, whether a blast will prompt more cancellations, alternatives to a blast.
      • give them a reason to renew
        • recent accomplishments
        • earth day announcement
      • Board agreed to use reason to renew for email blast
      • Discussion continued on other membership incentives including coupon. Board agreed
  • Board continued discussion on Financial Report specifically cash flow protectors, paying down debt, board responsibility to make sure fiscally sound, savings account (not yet possible), fixed A/P, upcoming expenses such if board retreat is doable or should be cost of directors.

Board Vacancies – Eric

  • Eric introduced a document on Terms for BOD.  Jeanene, Cameron, Eric and Dan will be running
  • Two appointed that will not be up for election until next year.
  • The board discussed how this will be a whole change of the board and concerns that turnover is greatly impacting this, that terms for appointments need to be filled til 2015.
  • Also discussed:
    • why not do in thirds
    • risk of loss of institutional knowledge
    • The VP should be in cue to be next president
    • one appointed would be running in 1 month if we don’t change something
    • Make changes to by laws so we can bring folks on for 2 year term due to extenuating circumstances.
    • Need to stabilize the group and how to stabilize the board.
    • Discussion continued on how best to stabilize the directors and what are the best changes to make to the bylaws to make that happen, how to remain accountable to members, avoid a continuing state of transition.
    • What are our short-term needs and long-term needs and is 9 enough if we are a working board?
      • robust support team vs larger working board
    • Bring at least two appointees in first and then look at stabilizing the directors and changing the bylaws

Motion  –  Onboard two people to fill the vacant slots that will last until 2015.

  • The board asked for clarification on who they would be bringing on.   The board agreed the motion included listing the two people as Debilyn Molineaux and Vince Lamb.

Motion was made by Egberto, seconded by Cameron,  and passed unanimously.

Eric returned to discussion on number of directors, bylaws changes, rotating positions, and having some quasi-permanent positions.  Will revisit in two weeks.

Development – Cameron

  • Cameron asked we look at Jeffrey Sobel (Discovery Time Foundation)
    • experienced at growing non profits
  • Timeline is set to release on Earth Day.
    • will tie in to Viridian Cares Green Energy
    • great PR campaign
    • need to get email blast wording set
  • Email blast
    • Jeanene, Eric and Cameron have been working on wording
      • utilize incite civility and reason
      • purchase with purpose
      • people powered consumer choices
      • nonprofit capitalism
    • Cameron asked for discussion on the email content so it can be sent to Viridian Cares for compliance review (we cannot make statements Viridian Cares cannot support).
    • The board opened discussion including length of email, review by legal at Viridian Cares for  text and image,
    • Cameron presented the Plan of Action
      • Board discussed
        • how the web site will work, what is needed on our site to link to Viridian Cares, due dates for actions, board assignments (who does what), content of landing page, technical aspects of working with two sites and coordinating Viridian Cares and Egberto’s work on websites, expectations of growth,
        • Setting up the storyboard and videos,  text of our video and how it ties into CP’s mission.  Needs to be done this week.
      • Board continued discussion on how to present how it helps Coffee Party, how the CP profits, where the money comes from, etc. and which Viridian Cares Video to use.
      • Eric asked if we should focus just on changing energy or also on the opportunities.  The board agreed to focus only on the video about switching energy and helping the environment, rather than on the video explaining the business opportunity side.

Campaigns and Actions – Egberto

  • Shared link to Move to Amend to show what they are doing with affiliates
    • Used Salsa to put out blasts.
    • The board discussed:
      • the NB eblast tools
      • using our website as a tool to organize
      • getting Viridian Cares’s project first and put our resources to that, then look at this.
      • help us get back to Money in Politics
  • Egberto will work on the website Front Page

Newsroom – Eric

  • Going well, will be talking about deleting post
  • Egberto asked if in the future, it could be hidden instead of deleting.
  • Eric agreed we should have a protocol.

Volunteer Recruitment – Eric

  • Looking at who signs up on NB and inviting them to Newsroom.
  • Debilyn will be taking over volunteer recruitment.

Meeting adjourned at 8:57 pm EDT with brief personal check-outs.

Respectfully Submitted:
The Minutes Team