February 4, 2014

by JKL


P – Eric Byler,

P – Jeanene Louden (left the Call at 8:25 EST)

P – Dan Aronson

P – Egberto Willies

P – Cameron Kruger

L – Justin Brown (joined at 7:46pm EST, left at 9:00 pm EST)


Agenda items:

  • Announcement
  • Minutes
  • Financial Report
  • Secretary
  • Branding
  • COI
  • Scheduling new board of directors (postponed)

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m. EST

Eric presided over the meeting.

Eric ran the Maestro board.

Check-ins were conducted with short personal updates by board members.


First CP Newsroom call is scheduled for February 5.

Minutes – Eric

  • Minutes are not available due to the lack of a Secretary.
  • He volunteered to go back and get minutes caught up, a paragraph for each meeting.
  • Because a paragraph would be a meeting summary, rather than minutes, the focus should be on motions and action taken.

Financial Report: Jeanene

  • Our A/P is greater than our money in the bank
  • This is in part due to the annual Directors and Officers insurance premium.
  • We will have to use the line of credit or credit card, depending on which costs less.
  • Fundraising was discussed.
    • Annabel’s birthday letter to our list was not strong and resulted in $275 one-time donations and $75 in monthly sustainers.
      • Total this month is $350
      • Total if sustainers last one year would be $1075.)
  • All the bills have been moved to the credit card to avoid cash flow challenges
  • Credit card is paid off monthly to avoid interest charges
  • Commitment to continue traditional fundraising was voiced
  • No action was taken
    • noted the need for volunteers

Social Media Help

  • No work has been completed
  • CP has received a $12K proposal from .
  • $500 paid to them was covered by a contribution from Cameron.
  • The Proposal triggered a concern about possible conflict of interest.
  • The question about whether to continue with this vendor was discussed.
  • No consensus or agreement was reached.

Secretary Position – Jeanene

The phone call / interview with the candidate went well.  He indicated his willingness to serve as Secretary.


  • Concerns expressed at previous meetings about staying true to our brand appear to have improved our posting
  • We discussed comparisons were made between Facebook groups including the difference between groups and pages, as defined with Facebook.
  • It was generally agreed that more moderation on our posts is needed.
  • Most of the incivility in the comment threads is from non-members.
  • The initial topic was “what do we want to be?”
  • Are we sending mixed messages.
  • Are we a media outlet?  A group to practice our principles?
  • Discussion ensued about page uses and streams of thought.

(Jeanene exited the call at 8:25 pm ET)

Conflict of Interest

  • Per the decision last week, all board members completed the Conflict of Interest forms.
  • One is completed but had not been received.

President Eric Byler stated that when a conflict of interest is declared, no further action is needed. [this is not an accurate statement but is what was said]

Eric then stated his belief that Egberto Willies did have a conflict of interest, based on a belief that Egberto receives compensation for ads on his personal website, and CP sends traffic there.

Egberto rebutted that he did not have a contractual relationship with CP and his website traffic was the result of many websites including Daily Kos, Huffington Post and others.

Egberto further clarified all of his posts in all publications include link-backs to Coffee Party which increases visibility and reciprocity.

Eric noted that some people leaving CP are citing the website posts/ads as a reason.

Egberto rebutted that any losses were more than compensated for by new followers as a result of his other writing.  During this conversation,

Justin left the call and the quorum was lost.  No action was taken.

Scheduling of new board members was not addressed.

Call adjourned at 9:10 p.m. ET

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The Minutes Team