December 4, 2013

by JKL

The meeting was called to order at 8:06 PM EDT.

  1. P- Eric Byler, President
  2. P- Jeanene Louden, Treasurer and Managing Director
  3. P- Cameron Michaels (Kruger), Development and Fundraising
  4. P- Egberto Willies, Vice President
  5. A- Del Williams, Pathways to Participation
  6. A- Justin Brown,  Internet Infrastructure
  7. P- Dan Aronson
  8. A- John Cashon, Secretary

Check-ins were conducted with short personal updates by board members.

Eric presided.
Jeanene and Cameron ran the Maestro board.


  • Minutes
  • Financial Report – Jeanene
  • Volunteers (DeLann absent)
  • Development – Cameron
  • General Business
  • Leverage Daily Kos – Egberto
  • Official stance against TPP – Dan
  • Story of America Fundraising- Eric
  • Adjourn
  • Minutes are are behind because John is ill.
    • Jeanene commented that we need an alternative because we really are in trouble with this.


  • Financial Report  – Jeanene


    • Total funds $1782.77
    • A/P $440.31
    • Debt $11,829.00
    • Jeanene discussed avenues taken to bring in revenue and pay debt.
      • We sold Jessica’s computer and printer for $500
      • Jeanene cleared up ghost invoices for BDS and CT Corporation
      • Jeanene reduced debt owed her by matching  yesterday’s Day of Giving donations, almost $1300.
    • Working on Directors and Officers Insurance form.
    • Filed 990EZ non-profit tax return
    • Billy Sears has rejoined us and willing to work in Development and Membership
    • The Board discussed the details of the financial report, including Blue State Digital pay off schedule, donations, CT Corporation and PayPal.
  • Volunteers
  • The Board discussed the need for more volunteers especially in IIWG and Blog Talk Radio.
  • Eric discussed the need to use Social Help Online and to start bringing in more people to Social Media. He also discussed the importance of the green energy fundraising [Viridian Cares] and the ability to pay off debts owed to Jeanene and himself.


  • Development – Cameron


    • Cameron expressed his need to hear the board’s  honest opinion about the Viridian Cares project, especially about any concerns about network marketing.
    • Cameron opened up the floor to discuss the meeting with Viridian Cares tomorrow, December 5, 2013.
      • Lots of questions that we need to get answered.
      • They need to understand our mission, what we are doing, and what our intent is.
      • He sees Viridian Cares as a vehicle to branch into the not for profit capitalist movement
      • Want to ensure that two things happen:
        • Represent our brand the proper way
        • Have the ability to expand the movement, expand the people, and expand the sustainability of Coffee Party.
      • Cameron asked everyone for input and concerns.
        • Eric was concerned that we have enough people that have access to Viridian Cares and that the messaging is such that people understand the project.
        • Cameron discussed the importance of non profit capitalism for the movement and how powerful it can be.
        • Viridian Cares also helps the environment through local activism and is doing humanitarian work, all while they continue to grow as a business.
        • This program can help us grow.
        • The meeting is with  the Marketing Director and the VP of Compliance
        • Cameron reiterated the purpose of joining Viridian Cares – to create sustainable, transparent fund raising (no ALEC), to start chapters, to support the CP.
        • Cameron continue with details about consulting and the meeting tomorrow.
    • The board continued the discussion including timetable and details for Viridian Cares state expansion, what is expected from us by Viridian Cares, the changing perception and accountability of network marketing, how this program is grassroots commerce and messaging.
    • Cameron again asked for questions that he can take to the meeting. Will make sure they clarify what they have in place for non-profits like ours to help us .
    • Eric asked if he could listen in on the conference call.  Cameron invited anyone on the board to the call.  Dan and Eric will join the call. Cameron asked that everyone add to the strategy document before the call tomorrow.

General Business

  • Egberto -Daily KOS
    • Egberto now has a spot every Sunday on front page of Daily KOS for essay
    • He gets another spot for links
    • He can leverage and bring some of that to CP
      • Some CP members write a blog once a month he can point to it from the main page and get our message across to a new audience and bring some traffic.
    • The board discussed details including subject matter and the opportunity, getting our shows on the Daily KOS Radio channel and also other channels, and bringing back the newsletter and bringing in Social Help Online.


  • Dan – Official Stance against TPP (TransPacific Partnership)


    • Dan believes we should be demanding transparency in knowing what TPP is.  All other organizations we know are railing against it.
    • 26 chapters altogether including Intellectual property rights and more. what we know of the TPP is horrible.
    • We should demand transparency and then torpedo it based on confirming what’s been leaked.
    • The board discussed CP’s participation, it’s power, where it is in congress.
      • it’s on Fast Track
      • Bipartisan
      • Biggest power grab made by corporations
      • Right in our wheelhouse
      • 600 corporate consultants
        • Haliburton
        • Walmart
        • Monsanto
        • and more
      • Touches everything
      • Jeanene commented it’s a great issue to take to our membership for input.
      • The board discussed this idea including how to involve membership with blogs, radio, input and what our ask to members should be for our members and how to use NB to help track and make writing to congress easier.


  • Motion: We’re going to introduce TPP as something Coffee Party is going to take an  official position on, our voting members are going to decide in X number of days and we’re opening it up to public comment not only for our members but also for the broader community and then we will vote to take an official position on TPP.  Then we will unveil the tool that allows you to email the White House.  Jeanene asked for a motion.  Moved by Eric,  Jeanene Seconded.


      • Discussion followed about focus and clarification and getting getting Chris Keysor on board from SHO.  He will need temporary access to the FB page to build the apps.  Concern is about timelines for getting this tool in place or using what tools we already have.  Would like to have it done by Christmas and have it done by the 18th for a vote.


  • Vote: passed unanimously
  • What do we want to be when we grow up? Dan:
  • Dan brought up concerns about the difference between our mission statement and how we are presenting ourselves on Social Media.
    • He reminded everyone of what Cameron said earlier “they like us they know us and they trust us”
  • The board discussed both sides of this issue.  Concerns included whether it was the right time to revisit this considering the country’s turmoil, whether we need to look at a new strategic plan, whether to change the mission statement and how the board needs to self assess, be candid with one another and what type of resolution Dan is looking for.
  • The board continued to discuss the issue in detail including referring to specific FB posts and comments, if we should define ourselves as left/right, whether or not we should even label ourselves, past board members leaving because of differences in this area, how we can work with each other respectfully and how our outlook affects and can affect the country.
  • Dan:  “How do we respectfully learn to work together to do what’s best for the majority of us.  Once we do that then we can really address the corruption.  As long as we are at each other’s throats, we can’t do that. that’s what the CP is”
  • Egberto felt that we have to address the lies.  Eric hopes that when we start to work with Social Media guru and bring in more people to the right and includes more people and welcomes all.
  • Eric asked Egberto to meet us halfway.  What we do doesn’t match our mission statement.  If we can’t change it we should change our mission statement.  Hopefully we can work on this with some help from this company (SHO).
  • Eric commented on our execution of the idea of transpartisanship and civility.  “I don’t know if we can get that. It’s just too much work and it might make it unpleasant if we had to force people to communicate in a certain way.”
  • Michael Charney’s departure was revisited and discussed in detail. Eric feels once we have a framework for a public discussion, maybe we will change the mission statement.


  • Story of America Fundraising – Eric


    • Eric is requesting permission to fundraise for Story of America using the Coffee Party assets.
    • Annabel and Eric haven’t been paid for the Enough is Enough rally yet,
    • The movie is on his credit card
    • Eric requested that Story of America be allowed to  send an email blast to CP’s database so people can make a tax deductible donations.
    • He considers Story of America affiliated but not associated.
    • Discussion followed to clarify if this is a fundraiser for Story of America, partnering each other’s brand so it’s a two way street.
    • Dan asked where Story of America is going to promote CP and vice versa.
    • Eric believes Story of America is affiliated because it’s Annabel and Eric.
    • Egberto suggested that if the database is used that a certain percentage of funds raise go to defraying our debt to Eric.
    • Discussion continued about debt to Annabel and Eric and how it breaks out since CP does not yet have an invoice.
    • Jeanene asked for a fundraiser on our 4th anniversary that comes from Annabel to our membership.
    • She felt the liability to this request is that people donate to Story of America and think it’s CP they are donating to.
    • Jeanene supports what they do, but it’s the lack of reciprocity that’s the problem.  She reported having asked Annabel several times over the last two years to add her name to a fundraising effort and Annabel always declined.
  • Motion: We’ll ask Annabel to write  a January 26, 2014 fundraising email and update. That’s the 4th anniversary of the very first post on FB and we’ll apply the money raised toward the 9500 Liberty DVD debt (unknown amount because no invoice) and in return Annabel will be allowed to do email blasts before the end of the year and we’ll coordinate so that it’s in good timing with CP end of the year blasts.
  • Eric Moved. Egberto and Jeanene seconded
  • Vote:  4-0  in favor (Eric abstained).

Adjourn – the board concluded with checkouts at 10:09 PM EDT

Vince Lamb
Secretary to the Board of Directors

Approved 5/22/14