August 28, 2013

by JKL

Check-ins were conducted with short personal updates by board members.

  • P-Eric Byler
  • P-Jeanene Louden
  • P-John Cashon
  • P-DeLann Williams
  • P-Cameron Michaels (Kruger)
  • P-Egberto Willies
  • P-Dan Aronson
  • A-Justin Brown


Financial Report – Jeanene
Work Group Reports
Social Media Partners Proposal – Cameron
IIWG – Justin
Re-purpose the Organizer National Team FB page proposal -Dan
Connecting with Locals via Mike Potter – Egberto
P2P – DeLann Williams
Coffee Party Educators and Civics Minutes – John Cashon
Board appointment to replace Michael Charney – Eric Byler

  • Minutes approved as written.
  • Financial Report – Jeanene
  • $584 current balance.
    • terminated part time contractor for inability to pay.
    • gaps in coverage will likely be:
        • database management.
        • email blasts.
        • membership management, renewals.
  • Social Media Partners Proposal – Cameron
    • Presented a proposal from Social Media Partners.
    • Questions and conversation about the services provided, training, board preparation and cost of the proposal, $12,000 per year. Cameron and Jeanene agreed to meet later to discuss a revised proposal.
  • IIWG -Justin
    • No report.
  • Re-purpose the Organizer National Team FB page – Dan
    • Dan had prepared a proposal prior to the meeting to return the Coffee Party National Organizer Team Facebook group to the initial intent of organizers communicating about local organizing with each other and with the national board.
    • Concerns were raised by the admin of the group through John Cashon, and assurances were made that his services are valued and requested to continue.
    • Concerns were raised about the tone of the page and protection of Coffee Party brand.
    • Suggestions made about fostering the Organizer Team on BigMarker and starting an additional FB page.
    • Questions were addressed about Channel Marketing (aka Dan) and the connection to local organizing.
  • Motion: to return CP-ONT page to initial intent (per Dan’s proposal) made by Egberto seconded by DeLann
  • MOTION PASSED: 5 Yes / 1 No / 1 Abstain (Eric).
    • Following the vote, Eric Byler promised to work with Dan and Steven Mantz.
    • Note: CP Board does not have an administrator with access to this page
  • Connecting with Locals via Mike Potter – Egberto
    • Forwarded proposal for how to work with local groups from Mike Potter.
      • Use radio shows to connect locals with each other.
      • Recommend change in web design to allow people to find each other.
        • Ability to find chapters.
        • Post local events.
        • Regional conferences.
        • Add minutes to drop down list under “About” (added by John Cashon).
        • Remove blog from front page
      • Amazon AWS will come down on 9/1/2013.
        • Everyone who has data stored there has been notified
  • MOTION for John to set up page on NB for chapters to put their contact information.  Moved by John, seconded Egberto.
  • MOTION PASSED Unanimously
  • P2P – DeLann Williams
    • Have passed volunteers to board members lately and establish contact with 535 Campaign.
      • Looking for liaison for 535 Campaign.
      • Del has passed four volunteers via email to Dan, who did not receive them
        • Robert Rodrigo named
      • Each director is responsible for following up with volunteers
    • Ton of people in volunteer queue
      • Working with Mike Potter and Lynn Price with volunteers
      • A dozen interviews setup
    • Coffee Party Educators and Civics Minutes – John Cashon
      • Working with Michael Charney on Coffee Party Educators and Civic Minutes
      • Ready to start creating original content for CP Educators
        • Need assistance for Civic Minutes, technical support
        • Eric sending link to free music website.
  • Board voted 7 yes, 1 abstention to proceed (Del).
  • Board appointment to replace Michael Charney – Eric Byler
    • Comments included:
      • Lynda Park suggested to expand # of board members to bring in “new blood”, to 13 total directors and diversity.
      • Uncomfortable with gender balance, need more women.
      • Focus needed to have the right people in right positions more than politically correct diversity.
      • Do we need to revise the input required for new candidates?
      • Talk of combining Dan’s proposal with Egberto’s motion from this meeting towards more engagement and look for potential board members from the engaged pool of local organizers.
      • Recommend to complete a “gap” analysis and look for what is needed.
      • Need for political diversity on the board.
    • No action was taken.
  • Adjourn – The board meeting concluded with check-outs

Vince Lamb
Secretary to the Board of Directors