April 1, 2014

by JKL

Meeting was started at 7:07 p.m. ET


  • P- Eric Byler, President (absent for mid-60 minutes of the call)
  • P- Egberto Willies, Vice President
  • P- Jeanene Louden, Treasurer and Managing Director
  • P- Dan Aronson, Channel Partnerships
  • P- Cameron Michaels (Kruger), Development and Fundraising
  • A- Justin Brown, Internet Infrastructure
  • P- Debilyn Molineaux, Volunteers
  • A – Vince Lamb, Secretary

Eric started the meeting and Jeanene took over about 20 min into the call

Jeanene and Cameron ran the board

Board members conducted personal check-ins for about 30 seconds each.


  • Minutes
  • Financial Report
  • Development Report
  • Tech Team Report
  • Proposal – Coffee Party Movie Night

Minutes – Eric Byler

  • He is slowly making progress, starting with most recent and working backwards.  Nothing available to review yet.
  • Handing over to Vince Lamb during next two weeks.

Financial Report – Jeanene

    • All bills are current, including $500 payment to debt service and about $3000 left in the bank.
    • Auto-renewals are happening, some people are canceling their auto-renewal, but not asking for their money back.
      • Don’t know what this means, need to inquire.
    • Ideas are welcome for any new expenses that would be helpful, like ScoopIt premium.


  • AR:  Bring Scoop.it back to premium, call and see if we can get a special deal and save money.  Eric to call and inquire about a deal.


  • Working on a new budget to propose in the near future.

Development and Fundraising Report  – Cameron

  • Earth Day calendar in draft mode
  • Allows for input of local events / activity calendar
  • Potential that people who participate in Earth Day events be a good audience for Viridian Cares
  • Create a Coffee Party video intro to put in front of the Residual Fundraising Program video
    • Concerns that the videos are too long
  • Coffee Party is focused on encouraging customers, not gathering associates.
    • Focus on voting with your budget, using green energy and bonus of supporting Coffee Party
    • Anyone who chooses to become an associate would be mentored by Coffee Party upline, not board members.
      • This would be an opt-in program, only.  Coffee Party would not solicit for associates
  • Viridian Cares legal and compliance department must approve any email blast we send out to our supporters
    • sample email copy was reviewed, still needs approval
    • “nonprofit capitalism” language may be a barrier
    • Four directors volunteered to assist with email blast campaign, different copy samples
    • Copy must be matched to each state, since all states have their own regulations
      • email lists have been created by state in preparation for a campaign after the initial test.
  • Review of timeline for Viridian Cares launch
    • push for test prior to launch, using different messages to small groups of people each and development of a schedule
  • Encourage board members to attend Friday planning call
  • Caution about setting expectations too high


  • Jeanene is scheduling a new tech team call for Justin
  • Tentative schedule Tuesday, April 8, 8:30pm Eastern
  • Egberto recommends that we host recordings for these meetings on something other than BlogTalk.  Maybe SoundCloud. Maybe YouTube (not our main channel)

AR:  research alternate technology and set up a new account – Dan


  • It was determined that the current day/time worked for most members and we would check with Vince Lamb for his schedule.

[Eric left the meeting]

PROPOSAL – Coffee Party Movie Night – Debilyn

This American Journey

  • Provide members and local organizers an event
    • includes interview with filmmakers
    • promo piece already created for Coffee Party
  • Working with distributor for pricing, likely $15 per DVD
    • lower price for 500+
  • Include membership with a movie purchase ($30)
  • DVDs and streaming available
  • Recruiting volunteers to assist with execution
  • Could be a regular feature, including Story of America along with other films

MOTION:  Accept Coffee Party Movie Night proposal

Motion was made by Egberto, seconded by Jeanene and passed unanimously.

Board members checked out.

Meeting adjourned at 8:52 p.m. ET

Respectfully Submitted:
The Minutes Team