June 5, 2013

by JKL


The Maestro call was called to order by President Eric Byler at about 5pm PST. The attendance of other Directors is noted below. A quorum was present. We all took 30 seconds to check in.

P– Eric Byler, President
A– Egberto Willies, Vice President, Director for Campaigns and Actions
A– Jeanene Louden, Treasurer
P– John Cashon, Secretary
P– Michael Charney, Director for Strategy and Organizational Design
P– Dan Aronson, Director At Large
P– DeLann Williams, Director for Pathways to Participation
A– Cameron Kruger, Director for Development
A– Justin Brown, Director for Internet Infrastructure

MINUTES are posted – John Cashon

As a point of procedure, Dan asked if the names should be added to the votes listed in the minutes during Board of Director meetings. Michael offered a motion to decide and it was seconded by John.

Motion: Should the Board of Directors keep the names on each vote public?

Vote: The vote was unanimous in favor of keeping the names on each vote public.


Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 12.29.43 AM.png

Proof the IRS Didn’t Target Just Conservatives

“Almost one third of the tax-exemption applications selected for additional scrutiny by the IRS were from groups that were not conservative.”-by  JUN 5 2013, 8:30 AM ET

Section of article pertaining to the Coffee Party:

“Non-conservative advocacy groups given special scrutiny by the IRS in or after 2010 included the Coffee Party USA, the alternative to the Tea Party movement that got a bunch of press in 2010, as well as such explicitly progressive groups as the Progressive Leadership Alliance of NevadaRebuild the Dream, founded by former Obama administration official Van Jones; and Progressives United Inc., which was founded by former Wisconsin senator Russ Feingold.”
The Board decided to discuss and decide if any action should be done in regards to the article, in case we were asked questions. Some of the board members wrote out responses for the minutes:
Egberto Willies’ written response: “The IRS has admitted that it crossed this line.” Definitely does not belong in this Coffee Party’s statement. While some have fallen on the political sword claiming that scanning on Tea Party, 2012, and other groups were ill advised, many disagree because of the time when the screening occurred. Our statement is fine without that line as we must let the ultimate result of the investigation come forth. I think many will be surprised.

Michael Charney’s written response: The IRS admitted it. The Atlantic article uses a confluence of events to make an ancillary argument, and it is not proof that there wasn’t a targeted plan. It is fine if they targeted all political organizations, but they profiled a group of people, and that’s wrong.

DeLann Williams’ written response: The very first link in the Atlantic article to the taxanalysts.com analysis which begins, “We know now that the IRS used “inappropriate criteria” — names and policy views associated with conservative and Tea Party causes — for selecting applications for tax-exempt status for extra review. The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration laid out the charges in a May 14 report, and the IRS has admitted it made errors.”  I don’t know how we can derive from this that the Atlantic was arguing otherwise.

And while we may not view the Coffee Party as being the opposite of the Tea Party today, that is the message that most people understood in the beginning.  This was the main reason why most people joined the CP in the first place.  Disgust with the TP.  So, in responding in any way to this article, we might point out that like Mark Meckler, we have moved on.

John Cashon’s written response: I think it is important to get to bottom of this controversy. The article highlights one important factor: the only organizations that we know about are the ones that were accepted, while leaving out all the ones that were turned down due to the fact that the IRS couldn’t name them in public. Are all of the ones that weren’t accepted conservative organizations? However, one thing is for sure: a simple Google search will disclose that many of the actions taken by the organizations selected by the IRS do show they were involved in political activity not allowed under the 501(c)(4) tax exempt status.

Michael then offered a motion to decide and it was seconded by Dan:

Motion: Should the Coffee Party not make a big deal about the article and to not respond in a big way?
Yes, to not posting anything – Dan.
No, to post an article explaining the Coffee Party’s view on the article – Eric, John and DeLann.
Abstain – Michael.

Eric decided to write the article and post it on our Coffee Party USA website the following day, and here is the link to the article:


FUNDRAISING/MARKETING – Cameron Kruger did not make the meeting but sent this information for the minutes:


  • $2,000 raised to date on first email
  • 2nd email in draft form


Volunteer Life Cycle Project – Del is working with an HR consultant to map this out:

  • Process for volunteer contact, interview, and assignment.
  • Staffing request form
  • Volunteer Interview form
  • Policies and Procedures
  • ACTION:  Del will distribute a temporary staffing request ‘form’ to directors via email. Currently, Del prefers that Directors, not Work Group Chairs, forward these requests.

  • ACTION: Directors should forward staffing requests to Del via email. Next meeting agenda to include any needed follow-up discussion about staffing requests.

PRODUCT (ACTIONS) – Egberto Willies Absent

Due to the massive amount of work needed to be done for the 535 Project, Eric thought that working on a 535 Lite version would be a good idea, and it was decided that it would be brought up at the next board meeting to discuss with Egberto.

EMAIL BLASTS – The board decided to continue sending out Email Blasts for each of the Radio Shows.


2011 & 2012 complete, but 2013 hit a snag. A request was sent to NB to delete and to re-import. The BSD recurring contributions have stopped, and assistance is needed with contacting to move to NB. The board will decide at the next meeting the status of the move.

WEBPAGE TRAFFIC REPORT – Michael noticed from the analytic report from Christopher Ritter showed that web traffic to our website has been light, and that we need to do more to bring traffic to the site. Eric mentioned that we need to add more content, and John thought that a website update was needed. Dan disagreed and thought content was more important than aesthetics for the site. Michael asked John to add it to the agenda for the next Media conference call that was scheduled and follow through with getting a plan begun to tackle the problem.


The next meeting will be held June 19th, 2013 in Maestro, at 5 pm Pacific (8 pm Eastern). We all took 30 seconds to check out, and all lines were opened so we could say goodbye to one another or as we say in Kentucky, “Have a good one!”


John Cashon
Secretary of the Board of Directors