July 17th, 2013

by JKL


The Maestro call was called to order by President Eric Byler at about 5pm PST. The attendance of other Directors is noted below. A quorum was present. We all took 30 seconds to check in.

P– Eric Byler, President
L– Egberto Willies, Vice President, Director for Campaigns and Actions
P– Jeanene Louden, Treasurer
P– John Cashon, Secretary
A– Michael Charney, Director for Strategy and Organizational Design
P– Dan Aronson, Director At Large
P– DeLann Williams, Director for Pathways to Participation
P– Cameron Kruger, Director for Development
P– Justin Brown, Director for Internet Infrastructure

MINUTES are posted – John Cashon

The minutes were approved on BigMarker; 5 yes (Jeanene, John, Del, Michael and Egberto), 0 no, 4 not voting (Eric, Justin, Dan and Cameron).


John will be taking actions to getting our Board Resolutions document updated and will be developing a plan to discuss for the next board meeting.


Del explained that the volunteer requests would be handled first come, first serve, and asked each board member to let her know if they had selected a volunteer, so that she could properly notate the volunteer assignment within NationBuilder. The notation would also eliminate calling volunteers multiple times.

Del also asked the board to let her know when a project has been completed so that she could close the project for the volunteer in our system, and she mentioned that it would be a good idea for each board member recruit volunteers to help them with their roles.

Justin added that each board member could access the volunteer database and search on their own if they chose, and he stated he would add a link to the volunteer request form. Cameron reminded everyone that tagging each volunteer with their skills would make it a lot easier from the beginning.

COLLABORATION STATEMENT – Michael Charney / DeLann Williams

Dan asked if the statement was really needed since the information is also posted in other locations, and Del thought that the document could be setup as a working doc so that each board member could add their thoughts and ideas. She said that we could view them as guidelines, instead of an official policy, for group collaborations, which is something that we need to develop further. Jeanene proposed calling them ‘Collaboration Guidelines’ where all positions were subject to board approval.


Eric thought it was important to consider what people think about the freeing the elected concept, and for the video, he thought we should have an explanation of what it means to the Coffee Party. He is creating a working doc that will include a script for everyone to review, and a section explaining the Restaurant.com cards for fundraising.

FINANCIAL – Jeanene Louden

Jeanene explained that we would no longer be able to keep Debilyn, and explained the things she does that would be difficult to stop right now: 

  • NB “quest for truth and meaning” (we don’t know what we don’t know)
  • trouble renewing on-line, changing contribution level, etc.
  • bank account management
  • pay pal management*
  • quick-books online management*
  • vendor management
  • maestro management
  • database management

Jeanene stated that she could do most of the items but would need to get some help with her other responsibilities due to time restraints.

Jeanene reported that the biggest jump with getting members transferred from the BSD database to NationBuilder, and although many people were upset with the technical difficulties, people were coming back, slowly but surely.

BOARD BUSINESS – Jeanene Louden

Jeanene brought up the idea of looking for a PR person to volunteer their expertise, and Dan volunteered to take on the PR function. She also asked if the board would consider having weekly meetings, until we are fully functional, but due to scheduling difficulties, the idea was tabled until another time.

535/#FREETHEELECTED – Egberto Willies

A landing page was developed for the project, and Jeanene requested that each board member to take a few minutes to review and comment. Once this process was done, Jeanene thought that a schedule for publishing was needed, and she asked if the subgroup could move forward without board approval. It was given.

EXTRA ITEMS – Open questions

Jeanene asked if the domain, Democracynow.com was needed, and Eric explained that it was being used for regional meetups, but he thought these could be rolled into NationBuilder. Jeanene stated that she would work offline with Eric to get this done.

Regarding the tools left over from the Enough is Enough campaign, Jeanene thought they would well with an August Recess project within the Free the Elected project, and she will send out a Doodle request for a meeting. Eric recommended cataloging town halls and working on ways to make the meet-ups fun, such as the coffee and pancake function they had in the past.

Cameron thought that we need to do more channeling to get other groups helping with the ‘Free the Elected’ campaign, and he also thought that we should reach out to some Tea Party groups for dialog, because if we could get some of the Occupy and Tea Party groups working together to get the money out of politics, the reach would be much greater.


The next meeting will be held July 31st, 2013 in Maestro, at 5 pm Pacific (8 pm Eastern). We all took 30 seconds to check out, and all mics were opened so we could say goodbye to one another or as we say in Kentucky, “Have a good one!”

John Cashon
Secretary of the Board of Directors