April 24, 2013

by JKL


The Big Marker call was called to order by President Eric Byler at about 5pm PST. The attendance of other Directors is noted below. A quorum was present. We all took 30 seconds to check in.

  • P– Eric Byler, President
  • P– Egberto Willies, Vice President, Director for Campaigns and Actions
  • P– Jeanene Louden, Treasurer – (Left meeting early)
  • P– John Cashon, Secretary
  • P– Michael Charney, Director for Strategy and Organizational Design
  • P– Dan Aronson, Director At Large
  • P– DeLann Williams, Director for Pathways to Participation
  • P– Cameron Kruger, Director for Development
  • P– Justin Brown, Director for Internet Infrastructure – (Left meeting early)

MINUTES are posted – John Cashon

John discussed moving the minutes from the WordPress Blog to the Coffee Party Website, and how he was going to post a message about the move on the WordPress Blog to get the word out.


Jeanene explained that the month has been very slow as far as donations, and she continued by saying, “My hope is that the discussions about the Un-Retreat report and the 535 campaign will result in a decision to promote our new mission statement in blogs, radio shows, membership renewals and other targeted asks. I see the 535 project as falling under the umbrella of the mission statement. “To Engage and Empower a Grassroots Movement to Free the Elected” is exciting and engaging.”

IIWG UPDATE  Justin Brown

Justin broke down his report in bullet points:

BSD exit status: punch list for getting transition started.

  • profiles – do live in paypal
  • history lives in BSD and we lack a port key to transfer it
  • Debilyn, Justin, Cameron, and Jeanene should be able to report later in the week
  • goal – May 6th
  • Stakeholder/Self Analysis status:
  1. interviewing Eric/Annabel/Mike Massey next week
  2. interviewing Board Members shortly after
  3. then radio show call and surveys

*Action Required from each of us: send one recommendation to Justin of who might be interviewed.

UN-RETREAT REPORT  Michael Charney

At the Un-Retreat, Michael was put in charge of our new R&D group. He has been working with John Cashon on the Civics Minutes project for having new segments created for the Blog Talk radio shows.

Michael explained that he has setup metrics to help create organizational structures, gathered all of the notes from the Un-Retreat into a document for the board to review, and he also has been working on the 535 Information Documents.

535 UDATE  Egberto Willies

Egberto went over the 535 Strategic Plan that was revised, and he discussed the Mockups/Wireframes that Justin created. After discussing the timing to start building the platform for the 535 Campaign, Egberto thought it would be best to begin promoting it to raise awareness.

DEVELOPMENT  Cameron Kruger

Cameron went over these points:

  • A ‘Free the Elected’ graphic needs to be made to begin promoting the idea.
  • Giving people an incentive to help.
  • Restaurant.com gift cards of $25 dollars could be given to donors.
  • Important to start trying to get the Coffee Party noticed through Mass Media.
  • Using Adwords Adsense on our website to help raise money.

After listening to Cameron’s ideas, a discussion started, and Jeanene thought it would be a good idea to get sponsors for our radio shows.


Dave Ackert, founder of the Newtown Action Alliance sent us an invitation that was also sent to a list of about 250 like-minded groups, inviting us to form a coalition to rally behind their new ShameOnCongress effort and sign on as a co-sponsor. It was agreed that it would be a good idea, and Eric brought a motion to the floor for a vote and Egberto seconded it. The vote was unanimous to ally ourselves with the Shame on Congress effort.


Jeanene went to the Rootstrikers’ Conference to Restore the Republic in San Francisco. She thought it would be a good idea to continue working with groups such as this, because they are kindred spirits on a common path. Jeanene asked if Cameron could work with her with looking into this, and she is going to work with Barb Bull for drafting a blog post about her trip to the conference.

Jeanene concluded, “The one thing you should know NOW is that the conclusion of the conference was this: we do not need to be one group with one strategy; we need to be many groups, each challenging the status quo of money in politics, and supporting each other whenever it is appropriate; we all attract a different demographic, and our differences will make us collectively more powerful in our common quest. I call this “the many roads to Rome” strategy.”


It was decided that Jeanene and Debilyn will develop blast calendar, and at least one blast per week: fundraising, newsletter, membership renewals. It was also decided that there would be no more radio blasts.


  • 16 slots total
  • 2 for sister organizations
  • 4 for coffee party people
  • 1 introduce a board member
  • 1 for all radio shows
  • 1 for volunteers


The next meeting will be held May 8th, 2013, at 5pm Pacific (8pm Eastern). We all took 30 seconds to check out, and all mics were opened so we could say goodbye to one another or as we say in Kentucky, “Have a good one!”


John Cashon

Secretary of the Board of Directors