March 13, 2013

by John Philip Cashon


The Maestro call was called to order by President Eric Byler at about 5pm PST. The attendance of other Directors is noted below. A quorum was present. We all took 30 seconds to check in.

  • P– Eric Byler, President
  • P– Egberto Willies, Vice President, Director for Campaigns and Actions
  • P– Jeanene Louden, Treasurer
  • P– John Cashon, Secretary
  • P– Michael Charney, Director for Strategy and Organizational Design
  • P– Dan Aronson, Director At Large
  • P– DeLann Williams, Director for Pathways to Participation
  • P– Cameron Kruger, Director for Development
  • P– Justin Brown, Director for Internet Infrastructure

MINUTES are posted.


 Dan was given a chance to introduce himself as the newest board member.


INTERNET INFRASTRUCTURE REPORT – (tabled last meeting) – Justin Brown

Justin gave us a bullet list of questions, progress, and he also defined what he would need to do in the future.

1.) Follow-up with the board: how does the import of legacy blog content from BSD look? Accuracy, etc. Wrangler Media has been paid.

2.) Experiment to test whether we can port over donors from BSD into NB

  • Have connected with Jordan to understand his approach
  • Cameron has also confirmed this is possible 

3.) Open Volunteer Roles Page

  • Open Volunteer Roles Link
  • Please add/edit roles you need
  • Del & Social Media teams, let’s work together to promote and fill these, as well as keep this page up to date

4.) Establish integration with Sunlight Foundation to enable users to look up their rep

  • Requires deep API development
  • Temporary solution built
  • Other alternative is Salsa tool – like the one here.
  • Met with Salsa Account Executive Tuesday, waiting on pricing

5.) 535 Campaign – Progress made on building out pages on NationBuilder

  • completed the job aid/step-by-step how-to document
  • leveraging volunteers to complete the work
  • have completed states A-I (Alabama–Idaho) so far
  • continuing to truck along, more volunteers would be helpful!

Eric asked about any outstanding work with Wrangler, and Justin is going to look into it.


Egberto talked about the Monday 535 Campaign video conference that occurred using Big Marker, and he explained how it was decided to have Frank Kirkwood write up a plan for the Project management for the campaign. Egberto explained a tier level structure that he thought would work well for the campaign, that would have leaders and many levels to resolve problems and answer questions.

Cameron spoke about meeting his legislators in DC with questionnaires for them to answer, and he was going to use them as a good dry run for the 535 campaign.

Eric believed it would help to summarize a strategy for Frank to have as a reference, and he thought it would be a good idea for any of us, who had prior experiences with large campaigns, to relate those experiences to Frank, so that he could be prepared to avoid any roadblocks that may be down the road.

Eric brainstormed ideas for our 535 Page. He envisioned virtual gathering places, by geography, where experiences could be related, and he wanted to open up a two-way conversation with the legislators. Jeanene agreed, and said that a conduit was needed.

Michael thought that a mass marketing campaign plan was needed. This could be done with a write up but he believed that we needed a strong, punchy blurb to highlight the campaign, and Cameron volunteered to help with writing these for the campaign.

Eric gave the board a link to a March 2010 video that he did and thought it could give creative ideas for the Mass Marketing of the campaign:

Eric Byler and Annabel Park explain the March 2010 campaign.


It was decided that one more day should be added to allow more time for those coming from longer distances. John showed options for places to hold the retreat, and one was decided, close to Silver Spring, in the Washington D.C. area. He also went over the budget that would be needed while there.

It was also decided that an agenda would be needed to keep the retreat structured, and Michael volunteered to create one and send out to the board to review when he was finished.

STRATEGY AND ORGANIZATIONAL DESIGN (TABLED LAST MEETING) – (tabled until next meeting at retreat) – Michael Charney

Michael shared his ‘Strategic and Organizational Planning Document’ with the board, and it was decided to discuss at the retreat.

DEVELOPMENT – Cameron Kruger

Cameron had a list of items ready to show the board as well and actions were decided some of the items:

1.) Expansion of the 5 dollar a month campaign

  • Plan: need schedule for FB posts about it, reminders to mention during radio shows and in email blasts, need to embed in website

2.) Use of mass media for website exposure

3.) Interviews with congressional candidate opportunities

  • Plan: CP radio or video content showing candidates interact with CP leaders & members

4.) Nation builder meet and greet update

  • close to launch of new NB tools

5.) DC trip and use of questionnaires in the 535 campaign.


Eric suggested that we allow time for BoD business, if necessary at “Newsroom” meetings, and that we could present the “Newsroom” as an open meeting to which any member in good standing, or prospective member, is invited.

The Newsroom call would continue to focus on citizen journalism, messaging, etc. (BE THE MEDIA), and the Board Members would continue to be invited, but not required  to attend. If there is a discussion or vote that is considered Board Business, each Board Member would be provided with a notice.

Michael brought up his concerns that the Join the Coffee Party Facebook Page was too populated with posts, and that more time between would give more time for each article to be read. Egberto countered that he thought the scheduled posts were fine and that no adjustment should be made. Eric thought that page could use a new look, but he thought the best plan could be to get input from our supporters to get their thoughts.

The problem was highlighted concerning how Facebook has been cutting posts from the walls, and Justin and Cameron were asked to contact the Facebook Engineers to see if anything could be done.


The next meeting will be held March 27, 2013, at 5pm Pacific (8pm Eastern). We all took 30 seconds to check out, and all mics were opened so we could say goodbye to one another or as we say in Kentucky, “Have a good one!”


John Cashon

Secretary of the Board of Directors