January 30, 2013

by JKL


The Maestro call was called to order by President Eric Byler at about 5pm PST. The attendance of other Directors is noted below. A quorum was present. We all took 30 seconds to check in.

  • P– Eric Byler, President
  • P– Egberto Willies, Vice President, Director for Campaigns and Actions
  • A– Eric Whinery,  Outgoing Treasurer
  • P– Jeanene Louden, Outgoing Secretary, Incoming Treasurer
  • P- John Cashon, Incoming Secretary
  • P– Michael Charney, Director for Strategy and Organizational Design
  • A– Jose Gutierrez, Director At Large
  • P– Frank Kirkwood, Outgoing Director for Pathways to Participation
  • P- DeLann Williams, Incoming Director for Pathways to Participation
  • A– Cameron Kruger, Director for Development
  • P– Christopher Ritter, Outgoing Director for Internet Infrastructure
  • P- Justin Brown, Incoming Director for Internet Infrastructure


Newly elected members of the board were introduced one at a time, each by another member of the board. DeLann, John, and Justin got a chance to say a few words about themselves including what they hope their contribution to Coffee Party USA might be.

We thanked and acknowledged outgoing members (Frank and Chris were present) for their year of contribution to us all. They both gave farewell statements and signed off the call.


Our discussion about our future efforts is outlined below in no particular order.

  • Civility in theory and practice.
  • Remove money from politics – in the form of various campaigns.
  • Empower regional actions and “local chapters”.
  • Leverage the narrative with radio and blog posts.
  • “Coffee Party Educators” – a project to promote the teaching of civics in America
  • Trick out Nation Builder, our new web platform.
  • Build fundraising into everything we do. (All board members need to acknowledge their role as fundraisers for the organization.)
  • Make Coffee Party a well known brand.
  • Consider changing our name.
  • Re-activate some dormant work groups.
  • Frank’s project: Be a Leader (“535”) – volunteers in every congressional district, reporting on votes, position statements, and other actions of their delegates. (We discussed at length where the accountability and leadership of this project should reside.)
  • Revise the volunteer strategy – ask for a little bit of a lot of people’s time rather than a lot of a few people’s time. And, recognise that many people contribute “invisible”, indispensable skills that keep the motor running well, but do not appear in the spotlight.

We agreed to come to the next meeting with a list of ideas, informed by the brainstorming we did this evening.


Last year we all gathered at a Bed and Breakfast in Chicago for a weekend to hammer things out. Do we want to do it again? (The bylaws say we will have one annual face to face meeting.) We will discuss this further at our next meeting.

MINUTES are posted.

 FINANCIAL REPORT – Jeanene (“Sustainability is a virtue.”)

DEVELOPMENT –  (Cameron is unable to attend tonight and realizes we may need to discuss these items at the next meeting.) Ideas from the most recent Development Work Group meeting for discussion at another time:

  • Sponsorships for Radio shows. (Syndication?)
  • Set-up a 501 (c)3 to allow for tax free donations to delineated activity.
  • Set-up Coffee unSUPERpac.
  • “Who Are the Coffee Party?” Campaign for Public exposure locally.
  • Collaboration for those other organizations, portal for other organizations.


The next meeting will be held February 13, 2013, at 5pm Pacific (8pm Eastern). We all took 30 seconds to check out, and all mics were opened so we could say Aloha to one another. And as Michael said to us all, “Welcome to the deep end of the pool!”


Jeanene Louden

(Outgoing) Secretary of the Board of Directors