October 24, 2012

by JKL

Call to Order and Note of Attendance

The meeting was called to order by President Eric Byler. Other directors present included Vice President Egberto Willies, (30 minutes late to the call) Secretary Jeanene Louden, Michael Charney, Frank Kirkwood, Cameron Kruger, and Chris Ritter. Directors not present: Jose Gutierrez and Eric Whinery. We each took 30 seconds to check-in.

 Minutes from our last meeting are posted.

 Press Release Resolution

Eric requested approval of the press release attached to the agenda, prepared by the Corporate Reform Coalition to bring transparency and accountability to corporate political spending. Common Cause, Public Citizen, Demos, Common Cause, the Coalition for Accountability in Political Spending, U.S. PIRG, Greenpeace, New Progressive Alliance, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, Main Street Alliance, and Trillium Asset Management, LLC are working together on this effort.

Motion to approve the press release for distribution tomorrow was made by EricB, seconded by Michael, and passed 6 yes, 0 no, 0 abstain, and 3 not present (Egberto, EricW, and Jose).

 Financial Report

Fundraising is again behind budget. All but $1000 to-date is from sustaining members, probably because the membership reminders for this month were not sent out until today. In one hour, several hunded dollars have come in. The end of month reminder is being drafted now.

Another missing is our newsletter. The financial response to newsletters was always good.

Michael and Jeanene will look at finances in order to create methods to track and compare renewals (numbers, and values) and timing of both renewals and new memberships (after reminder, after radio show, etc).

The newsletter will be reborn on NationBuilder. Chris, EricB, and Cameron took on the project, suggesting that there be a monthly work group that goes in a round robin so we all have a shot at adding content. Volunteers will be requested through Membership and Volunteer Coordinator Jessica English. The group will report on their plan next meeting.



Cameron gave us an overview of his idea, Cafepress.com, which gives us the ability to raise money through online purchases. It has an API so we can seamlessly weave it into our website. We had a fun conversation about the kinds of things we could sell that would forward the action.


The move to NationBuilder requires our starting to use this platform. Chris is working with Wrangler Media on a contract for content conversion and migration. Meanwhile, we can help ourselves by becoming comfortable with our new home.

Contractor Equipment Needs

Jessica needs computer equipment compatible with our use of social media. There had been confusion about how this need could be met. I let people know that financial “decisions” at other meetings need to come to the Board for approval. It was agreed that Jeanene, as Jessica’s contract manager, would be advised by Cameron (and Jordan) as to what computer and printer would best serve our needs.

Membership Drive

We had an extensive brainstorming session about how to approach our annual membership drive: FB Ads; Google Ads; Socialhelponline.com; Coffee Talk Radio Marathon; Money Bomb; and more. This conversation will be continued.

Board of Directors Election

The nominations for the upcoming election are scheduled to close on November 19. Four positions are open, and three of the directors are not going to run again: EricW, Frank and Chris. All directors were encouraged to personally recruit from among those actively involved in Coffee Party. We discussed the need for potential directors to have the appropriate skill mix for each position, as well as the leadership qualities associated with being on the Board:

  • Tech savvy (Internet Infrastructure)
  • People skills (Pathways to Participation)
  • Volunteer coordinator  experience (Pathways to Participation)
  • People who are experienced coordinating and networking with other organizations (Campaigns and Actions)
  • Experience with legal requirements of private non profit organizations (Secretary)
  • People who have been successful with social media tools
  • Grassroots community organization experience

We also discussed how, in a perfect world, we would find a fundraiser, a publicist, and a public personality or two!

Schedule Next Meeting and Adjourn

The next meeting will be held Wednesday, November 7, 2012 at 5pm Pacific on Maestro. We each had 30 seconds to check-out, then all lines were opened so we could say aloha to one another. The meeting was adjourned at just after 7pm Pacific (10pm Eastern).

Respectfully Submitted,

Jeanene Louden, Secretary of the Board of Directors