October 10, 2012

by JKL

The maestro meeting was called to order by President Eric Byler at 5:10 pm Pacific. Other Directors present included Vice President Egberto Willies, Secretary Jeanene Louden, Michael Charney Frank Kirkwood, Cameron Kruger, and Chris Ritter. Treasurer Eric Whinery and Director Jose Gutierrez missed the call. Membership and Volunteer Coordinator Jessica English was also on the call. We took 30 seconds each to check in!

The minutes for the September 26, 2012 meeting were posted earlier today.

The September income from memberships was almost $2000 below forecast. Michael asked questions about the character of the shortfall, like, were the expected number of renewals occurring, but at a lower donation level? Jeanene and Michael will look at the numbers behind the numbers and report back to the board next meeting.

EricB led our discussion on the draft call for board member elections (google doc) that will become his blog post very soon. We will all have a chance to comment on the doc over the next 24 hours.

One point discussed and agreed to was that we need to encourage people to match their skills as well as their enthusiasm to board positions. We need people with specific talent, interests, and experience to serve as Directors.

There had apparently been some confusion about our decision last meeting to go ahead with hiring consultants to assist with our website conversion. The IIWG has worked its tail off to reduce the cost as much as possible, going into “team on a deadline” mode. AND the next step is complex, time consuming, and must be handled quickly and right the first time.

After a bit of discussion to complete our terms of satisfaction on the contract, we reaffirmed the decision from our last meeting. Chris will move forward with the consultants and Jeanene will make sure he has access to a means of payment.

Cameron, our new director liaison for Development, initiated a conversation about where we have been and where we are going with regard to fundraising. The conversation focused on who we are today and what the brand, COFFEE PARTY USA means to people.

We discussed the fact that everything we do, every kind of outreach, is an opportunity to let people know we are truly a grassroots organization, that we are crowd funded by memberships and small donations, and that we have plans beyond what we are doing today.

After extensive brainstorming, we envisioned an outrageous fundraising goal ($500,000), and we each agreed to submit a paragraph to Cameron before the next meeting about our thoughts on how to reach that goal, given our individual areas of expertise and outreach.

Someone suggested a reading that would put us in the “next step” thinking mode: http://www.epolitics.com/ , “Dissecting the Craft of On-line Political Advocacy.”

The next meeting will be held Wednesday, October 24, 2012, at 5 pm Pacific (8 pm Eastern) by maestro call. We each took 30 seconds to check out, then we opened all mics and said aloha to one another.

Respectfully Submitted:
Jeanene Louden
Secretary of the Board of Directors