September 26, 2012

by JKL

The maestro meeting was called to order by President Eric Byler at 4:27 pm Pacific. Other directors present included Vice President Egberto Willies, Secretary Jeanene Louden (45 minutes during a drive across the Mojave Desert), Michael Charney, Jose Gutierrez, Frank Kirkwood, Cameron Kruger, and Chris Ritter. Treasurer Eric Whinery missed the call. Membership and Volunteer Coordinator Jessica English was also on the call. We took a few minutes to check in!

This was Michael’s first meeting as a Director, appointed to fill Craig Dunnigan’s vacancy. He is the conservative co-host of the Tuesday evening Coffee Talk Radio Show THE MIDDLE GROUND (along with progressive co-host Eric Byler).  “How to bring my Republican Party back to sanity” is his personal political theme. He is self employed along with his wife and currently lives in New Hampshire.

By this time next month all past minutes will be posted. Martini!

We are behind the budgeted renewal curve, but expect to hit target by the end of the month. Our budget does not include the leap to TV. Michael questioned the sudden jump in income projected in October: it assumed a fundraising drive associated with BE THE MEDIA and ACTIVE CITIZEN.

Cameron, by being the new Director liaison to the Development Work Group, is now the owner of our fundraising effort. Among the current plans is a membership drive including offering Flobots new album plus Michael Charney and Egberto Willies books as membership gifts.


WHEREAS Chris Ritter has become Internet Infrastructure WG Liaison, and
WHEREAS Chris Ritter switched positions with Craig Dunigan, be it
RESOLVED that Michael Charney be appointed to replace Craig Dunigan as an at-large member of the Board of Directors, focusing on social media, for a term that ends on Dec. 31 2013. And, be it
FURTHER RESOLVED that we adjust the positions in this year’s Board Election per The Board Development suggestion: Board Member 4 (Internet Infrastructure) open instead of an At-large position.  And, be it
FURTHER RESOLVED we hold the election (final day of voting) on the first Tuesday of December: 12/4/12.

The motion was tabled for further discussion.

Frank reported on the expanded system of bringing volunteers into action. Jessica is able to MATCH the skills and experience of new volunteers with the needs of work groups and other initiatives. Jessica shared about weekly East and West Coast volunteer calls: Thursday 8pm Eastern, and Sundays, 7pm Pacific. Several key volunteer positions have been filled since this program began. The goal is to shorten the time between initial contact and placement to encourage volunteer retention. Chapter creators or volunteers are being incorporated into this effort.

Status of Big Marker/Nation Builder tools

Chris is excited about Big Marker’s enthusiasm for creating integrations we need. Nation Builder sign up will include sign in to Big Marker.

NationBuilder Migration Plan Approval
Jordan Hahn imported Drupal into WordPress. Wrangler Media has submitted a proposal to complete the Nation Builder migration. (Things need to go from BDS to WP to NB.) We had some technical Q & A, and discussed the details of the proposal at length. The learning curve to make the migration is a major issue. Concern was expressed that we make a decision rather than table the conversation to avoid finding ourselves at this same place two weeks from now.

Reminders: is expensive, fails often, and is a major problem to restore. Blue State Digital is also complicated, is complicated and not volunteer friendly because of the learning curve investment.

MOTION TO APPROVE the Wrangler Media proposal (not included) was passed with the following conditions to be executed by Chris:

  • Use the WordPress import to lower the proposal price
  • The Board will have 48 hrs to review the terms of contract and add concerns
  • Do not agree to pay cost up front – “100% down deal killer”
  • Specify the date to ensure delivery timely
  • Those who do not make contract proposal comments within the 48 hours are considered YES votes.

The motion passed: 7 Yes, 0 No, 0 Abstain, and 2 Not Available (Jeanene and Eric W).

Anyone who wants to discuss this in more detail within the 48 hour response time can attend the Internet Infrastructure Work Group call tomorrow night, 9 pm Eastern.

The Monday meeting is now also every two weeks, the opposite weeks of the Board meeting.

The next meeting will be held Wednesday, October 10, 2012 at 5 pm Pacific, 8 pm Eastern. We opened the mics in order to say Aloha to one another.

Respectfully Submitted:
Jeanene Louden
Secretary of the Board of Directors