May 9, 2012

by JKL

The Maestro conference call meeting was called to order by President Eric Byler at 5:04 PM PDT. Other directors on the call included Secretary Jeanene Louden, Craig Dunnigan (a little late), Frank Kirkwood, Chris Ritter and Egberto Willies.   Directors not present included Treasurer Eric Whinery, and Jose Gutierrez. Staff present included Executive Director Debilyn Molineaux and Membership Director Billy Sears. We all took 30 seconds to check in. A big check in topic was a cut of the 99% Media video Eric B is working on and had sent to Frank for review. He included a link for the rest of us to view.

Meeting minutes on our blog are two weeks behind, but each director has received a copy of the drafts of both, and the final minutes will be posted after the meeting.

While we are still not meeting our membership goals, I cannot help but feel humbled and very gratified by the numbers of people who continue to participate with us in this important journey toward the American democracy we seek.

One very upsetting mystery was solved this week: Billy got some very negative input about having ignored member requests from more than one person, and was finally able to discover that notes sent to us via paypal are not automatically passed on. After finding the hiding place for these communications, he is making contact with those whose messages we did not receive earlier and making amends.

Even though Eric W was unable to attend the meeting, he submitted a long and detailed financial report that Debilyn reviewed on his behalf. A good deal of the report was calling for bits of information needed to complete the transition from Woodforest Community Bank to US Bank. Many of the answers required were provided by board members. The rest was financial projections through the end of the fiscal year and a proposed budget for next year.


Strategic Plan
Jeanene and Debilyn are moving ahead with the plan we created last week to complete the strategic plan. Having found that just under 100 of the comments received on the prior requests for input were from members, Jeanene will send out an email by the end of the week, inviting each person to be a member of a focus-panel to review the draft once prepared, and asking if any of them want to be on the project team. The SOD (Strategic and Organizational Development Work Group) is on board and a call is scheduled for next week.

Thank You Calls to Major Contributors
Our Little Green Light free trial has been extended to May 20th. We were all reminded to make our thank you calls before then.

Chris gave an update for the Internet Infrastructure Work Group. The new website team is still not completely accessed to our technology, but hard at work. Chris is concerned that once this big push is over, the group will be without a challenge. Jeanene assured him that all projects have a shakedown period, and then an opportunity to seek “elegance”. Meanwhile, the New Coffee Party Story is progressing as promised.

Pathways to Participation
Frank gave us the volunteer program updates. The new volunteer web pages are awesome (we got to see and comment on the prototype.) The sign up form is ready to go and the Volunteer GroupSite looks great.


99% Media Strategy
We did a lot of brainstorming and idea processing about our 99% Media Strategy. As we make progress we are finding “gaps”, things missing that would make this work more effective or more volunteer friendly. We discussed many ideas, but the ones that made it include:

  • create a single Facebook page for Coffee Talk Radio
  • implement the Editorial Board we discussed in the beginning of this idea
  • take the next step in toward using twitter and scoopit posts for sourcing Facebook posts
  • explore the possibility of using radio show and news teams for coalition building

Debilyn has found a source for “Citizen Journalism” training and wondered if our 99% Media volunteers might find it helpful. She also found a totally unrelated “Coffee Party” Linkedln Group that is having a civil conversation about economics (and included a link for our benefit) that is very interesting. Perhaps we could include an opportunity for a blogging exchange on our website? Egberto asked if we could find help from someone who knows how to get attention from other media, not necessarily mainstream media.

The next Maestro conference call meeting will be held Wednesday, May 16, at 5PM PDT. We all did 30 second check outs and then all mics were opened so we could say Aloha to one another.

Respectfully Submitted:
Jeanene Kay Louden
Secretary of the Board of Directors