Heading Home

by JKL

Hello, Everyone!

The Board Planning Meeting is over, but our work is not! [Sigh] Everyone is gone except Eric Byler and me: we both head out in the morning. Here is the status report, as promised.

Our draft Mission Statement was sent out to current members Saturday morning. After a day of working on our Vision Statement and all the processing that goes with it, we were shocked and delighted to find we had over 200 responses to our request for input! Sunday was spent on our Strategic Plan.

With so many generous opinions to review, we did not feel right having asked for input and not giving it the consideration it deserved, so all three efforts were completed in draft and will be finalized during our conference call on Thursday. (Yes, about 96 hours from now.)

Core Values are still on the horizon, but everyone is feeling optimistic. In some ways this is a review/reconsider process. Still, it is important that we have a common understanding of our words, and that we be in complete agreement, if we are going to remain the team we have become when we are thousands of miles apart.

Thanks and Goodnight.