Midnight, Day Two, Chicago Board Planning Meeting

by JKL

This is the end of two very long, exhausting, and exciting days for me personally as a board member. We are meeting all the interpersonal goals we hoped for: we are working well as a team and are understanding and trusting the personal styles and skill sets of one another more and more as each hour goes by.

Our facilitator led both board members and staff through team and small group processes toward the revisiting and refinement of our mission and vision statements yesterday. We were all shocked and thrilled with the fresh cut we were able to take at our still strong notion of our place in the American Democracy Movement. We sent out an email blast to all our official membership this morning with our almost final draft of the mission statement for their review and comment. We were very pleased to get 180 responses by the time we had to close the submissions. They will all be read and considered as we deliberate the final draft. Our sincere thanks go out to everyone who took the time to let your thoughts be known.

In the spirit of cost savings, Debilyn stood up to facilitate today. Despite her migraine, we were able to have some tough questions about some lane changes we see ourselves needing to make as a board and as an organization.

This evening was a rough ride into strategic territory: given the new twist on our mission and vision, would the current structures in place need to be tweaked to support the efforts required to meet our goals. Will our goals remain the same? These questions will  not be finalized until first thing Sunday morning. If I don’t go to sleep now, I will be in no shape for the 8 am meeting.

I think about all of you everyday. But most of all, I think about the future America we can create together. I realize this is all general tonight. Tomorrow, I will be very specific as to what we have decided during our stay here.

Good night, all,