January 26, 2012

by JKL

Call To Order and Note of Attendance
Our Maestro conference call meeting was called to order by President Eric Byler at 5:03 pm PST.  Other directors present included Jeanene Louden, Eric Whinery, Craig Dunigan, Egberto Willies, Kerry Helmer, Jose  Guiterrez, and Christopher Ritter.  Frank Kirkwood missed the call.  Staff present included Executive Director Debilyn Molineaux and Membership Director Billy Sears.  Leah Spitzer and Ray Hudkins were also in attendance. We did a 30 second check in.

Work Group Reorganization
Leah Spitzer and Ray Hudkins led us through an informative trek into the inner workings of Work Groups, Committees, Staff and Board structures. The roles and relationships among and between all the actors were especially enlightening. Participation was high and good spirited among directors, staff and these super volunteers.

Meeting Minutes
We agreed by resolution a few weeks ago to have meeting minutes available on the web 48 hours after a meeting. Now that style and voice comments have been incorporated into a template, minutes will be available for approval at the next meeting. The Chart of Resolutions is being updated and revised for distribution and posting to the web.

Financial Report
Treasurer Eric Whinery gave the weekly report. Our membership income is exceeding expectations, with both more new member and members with recurring (monthly) memberships than anticipated given no formal membership campaigns have launched. He, Billy, and Jose will be meeting in Chicago this weekend and Kerry will be calling in to the meeting in order to work on a new Development, Fundraising, and Revenue Plan. Right now 95% of our income is membership.

Crowd Tangle Proposal
Between Jose’s positive experience with this tool in the Occupy Network and Chris’s collection of positive reviews, we listed our considerations about how this will work in our social network organization, the difficulty a new program may pose to volunteers, and which work group should take on this project, then gave the test run the green light.

Resolution 010
Crowd Tangle
WHEREAS Crowd Tangle aggregates FaceBook pages for easy management, and
WHEREAS we have the opportunity to be a beta-tester for 12 months at no cost, and
WHEREAS the required number and qualified individuals have committed to learn the program and evaluate its effectiveness for the Coffee Party, it is
RESOLVED that we will proceed with our investigation into the Crowd Tangle system.

The motion passed unanimously.

Management Team at Board Meetings
Jeanene, Kerry, and Frank participated in the last Management Team conference call. Each reported a good experience, and respect for the amount of work the group and individuals within the group are doing for the Coffee Party. These folks (except one full time employee) were laid off in November or December and continued their jobs as best they could on a volunteer basis. All of us on the board expressed our desire to be successful fund raisers so we can pay our wonderful staff.

Guide For Evaluating Arrangements With Other Groups
This document resides in Google Docs and had been signed off on by three directors prior to the meeting. During the meeting, three Directors said they tried to approve the Guide, but did not have editing privleges. Another Director gave verbal approval. Debilyn will notify the SOD and the Guide is approved.

Board Planning Meeting
Jeanene, as liaison to the Board Development Work Group, has stepped forward to take a greater role in helping the board planning meeting gel. Directors will be receiving polls about dates and locations with the hope that details will come together before the next meeting. She will be working with staff and the various work group folks already working on content and logistics.

Left Forum Event Funding
The conversation continued with this interestingly controversial funding request. It boiled down to one key item: we can find money to do outreach to potential Coffee Party followers and members, but we cannot find money to finance local affiliate activities per se. For the latter, Billy offered to give them tips on how to raise $250! In the end, we trusted the BACP would do a good job representing us at this very big event.

Resolution 009
Left Forum Event Funding
WHEREAS the Left Forum is a major political gathering on March 16-18 th in lower Manhattan that attracts thousands of  politically inclined participants, this year’s theme: the OCCUPY movement; and
WHEREAS the BACP has successful put together and is officially sponsoring a panel of experts to discuss the Koch Brothers at the Left Forum that includes Ari Berman of Rolling Stone and The Nation, Lisa Graves from The Center for Media and Democracy and documentarian Robert Greenwald, creator of the film “Koch Brothers Exposed”; and
WHEREAS Coffee Party Founder Annabel Park will be attending the Left Forum with the BACP  and potentially participating in a panel;
UNDER the expressed condition that Big Apple Coffee Party represent Coffee Party USA, encouraging their membership and those who attend the event to follow and become Coffee Party members; it is
RESOLVED that the Coffee Party USA will provide  the BACP with the amount of two hundred and fifty dollars ($250) to purchase a table at the Left Forum exhibit space with the purpose of distributing boycott information and materials, meeting and bridge-building with like minded people (with Annabel Park at our side), and spreading the Coffee Party USA message of an inclusive, civil-minded organization focused on money in politics.

Personnel Issues
We went in to executive session to discuss a personnel request.

Resolution 011
Personnel Issues
RESOLVED in executive session that the Executive Director shall be retained at half time and the Membership Director will receive a budgeted raise.

Schedule Next Meeting and Adjourn
The next Maestro call will be held on February 2, 2012, at 5 pm PST/ 8 pm EST.
The directors, staff and visitors did a check out.

Respectfully Submitted,
Jeanene Louden