February 2, 2012

by JKL

Call to Order and Note of Attendance
Our Maestro conference call meeting was called to order by President Eric Byler at 5:06 pm PST.  Other directors present included Secretary Jeanene Louden, Treasurer Eric Whinery, Craig Dunigan, Kerry Helmer, Frank Kirkwood, Christopher Ritter and Egberto Willies.  Jose  Guiterrez joined the call late. No directors missed the call. Staff present included Executive Director Debilyn Molineaux and Membership Director Billy Sears. We did a 30 second check in.

Meeting Minutes
All four sets of minutes (1/7, 1/12, 1/19, and 1/26) and the revised Chart of Resolutions were delivered to the Directors prior to the meeting. We discussed the most expedient way to get minutes approved and posted on the web for general consumption. In order to even come close to meeting our original goal of 48 hours (set by resolution) we set a process to approve minutes before the next meeting.

Resolution 015
Meeting Minutes Approval Process
WHEREAS the Board of Directors is committed to making its actions available to members, followers, and volunteers in a timely fashion, it is
RESOLVED this process of minutes adoption will be adopted affective immediately:

  • the Secretary will draft minutes and post them to ManyMoon the day after the meeting;
  • the Executive Director will be a consistent minutes reviewer;
  • all Directors will have the opportunity to review and comment for at least 48 hours; and
  • the Secretary will edit comments into the document and post on the fourth day.
  • Approval is implied unless a Director brings up an objection at or before the following meeting.

The motion was made by Eric B, seconded by Kerry, and passed with 6 yes, 0 no, 2 abstain, and 1 not present votes.

The Chart of Resolutions format was acceptable to every one, with the addition of listing a roll call  if/when there are any NO votes. The Chart will be put up for review. From this point forward, resolutions will be added to the document after the corresponding minutes are posted.

Financial Report
Treasurer Eric W presented a proposed budget, a five month cash flow, and the January bank reconciliation. After a question and answer period to clarify the details of the documents, we discussed adding a budget line item for the Board Planning Meeting. It was agreed we table the addition of the planning meeting and revisit the budget after a week or two of the membership drive that was launched today.

Resolution 016
Budget Approval
WHEREAS the information provided by the Treasurer appears complete, accurate and thorough, it is
RESOLVED that the budget be accepted as proposed.

The motion passed unanimously.

Fund Raising
We exceeded our fund raising goal in January. Our fund raising goal for February is three times higher because it is time for Founding Members to renew. In an additional effort, Debilyn will convene a sub-committee to begin major contributor phone calls with Eric B, Eric W, Egberto, Craig, and Jeanene.  Annabel will also be invited to make calls.

FaceBook Posting
The Development, Fundraising, and Revenue Work Group brought a question to us about the posting process. Chris agreed to organize a call about the process with the intent of reporting back next week.

Board Planning Meeting
Jeanene, as the Board Development Work Group liaison, reported on the progress made to date to organize the Board Planning Meeting. The date is tentatively set for March 2/3/4. Chicago was questioned as a location, so she will take back the Board’s willingness to look elsewhere.The proximity of several attendees to Chicago may be trumped by the reduced housing costs in another city. She also asked for an email from those who would need travel assistance so a preliminary budget could be drafted. Eric B asked everyone to think about who they knew that might be willing to support the meeting by donating or giving a reduced rate for lodging.

The agenda for the planning meeting is well underway. There was concern that others may not know what we need to do in our meeting. Those of us who have reviewed the plan recommended the others read the plan and that we discuss it as a group next week.

Vice President
The Vice President election has been tabled several times. After nominations and inquiries into interest, Kerry Helmer emerged as our candidate. We had a short discussion about whether there was a VP in the bylaws. The bylaws on the web site do not include a VP but are not the most recent version. Once the most recent version was confirmed, we held our election.

Resolution 017
Election of a Vice President
WHEREAS the bylaws allow the Board to select a Vice President from among the Directors not already serving in officer positions, it is
RESOLVED that Kerry Helmer serve as Coffee Party USA Vice President.

The motion was made by Chris, seconded by Egberto, and passed 8 yes, 0 no, and 1 abstention (Kerry, herself).

Work Group Chair Appointments
We learned that some work group chairs believed that their appointments expired on December 31st. There were three names presented, but they did not cover all the vacancies, and we had no process in place to fill those vacancies. Debilyn offered to prepare a document for work group chair appointment/affirmation that she will present next week.

Work Group Restructuring Proposal
The proposal that was presented to us last week by Ray and Leah was discussed briefly. No one expressed any objection to what appears to be modifications that were borne of experience.

Resolution 018
Work Group Restructuring
WHEREAS the work group restructuring plan as presented is thoughtful and based on the experience of hard working and dedicated volunteers and staff, it is
RESOLVED that the work group restructuring plan is approved as submitted.

The motion was made by Craig, seconded by Frank, and passed unanimously.

Branding Survey Results

Kerry will present the results of the Branding Survey next week. This is perfect given our need to have big picture conversations about our core value messaging.

ManyMoons Training
We are going to be using ManyMoons more and more. Debilyn invited us to email her with individual requests for training. Chris gave a ringing endorsement!

Organizer National Team (ONT) Invitation
An invitation extended for us to be guests and/or attend the ONT call on Saturday,  2/11. Eric B added that the Book Club was having a BlogTalkRadio session with Lawrence Lessig on 2/9, and that attending both would generate a great kick off to our new initiative with Professor Lessig and Rootstrikers based upon Goodnight Democracy.

Executive Session
The staff checked out so we could go in to executive session to discuss a personnel matter.

Schedule Next Meeting and Adjourn
The next Maestro call will be Thursday, February 9th, at 5 PM PST /8 PM EST. We all did a quick check out!

Respectfully Submitted,
Jeanene Louden